As it is better to apologize

As it is better to apologize

If you offended the person or sharply said in any occasion, surely it is worth apologizing. They need to be heard unfairly offended and it will become much easier for you when you pronounce these simple words.


1. Put yourself to the place of the person whom you offended a word or an act. Think not of what you would like to tell or explain, and about what this person waits for. For example, if someone accidentally pushed you, it is not obligatory for you to know why it occurred, it is more important to you to hear that the person regrets. Of course, if circumstance it is more difficult than usual collision on the street, it is necessary to tell what moved you, but you will be able to make it later when basic consent to forgive you is received.

2. Choose a lovely card with words "Forgive" or "I am sorry", write in it warm words. Such option especially approaches in case the quarrel took place between girlfriends or teenagers. If you do not find words, just draw a heart on a card and sign. After the card is received, your chances to begin constructive dialogue will increase.

3. Try not to use grandiloquent words if you address the loved one, it will be heard "I am very sorry" much quicker, "Forgive me, please". And here in business relations when it is necessary to explain the unpleasant moment, it is possible to choose "Is apologized", it is especially appropriate in correspondence between the organizations.

4. Be sincerely. If you do not consider yourself guilty, and apologize only because it is so accepted, your words can seem to the offended person false, and it will only aggravate a situation.

5. Try not to touch the person while on his reaction it is impossible to tell with confidence that he is ready to forgive you. It can be apprehended as desire to impose the peace or penetration into personal space.

6. Remember that some people very much like to take offense and consider that they unfairly treated them. Try to express most frankly the apologies and leave the person for some time. The fact that you asked forgiveness already in many respects extenuates your fault. The person will a little cool down, will think and later will take the first step.

7. Even if you received forgiveness, try to analyze that led to a conflict situation and in the future not to repeat these mistakes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team