As it is better to ask a serious question

As it is better to ask a serious question

The person sometimes should ask serious questions. For example, if he is strongly anxious, dissatisfied with something or he needs to do away with ambiguity, uncertainty. But to achieve the direct, frank answer and at the same time to avoid misunderstanding or even a quarrel, such questions should be asked correctly.


1. Remember that the serious question demands the same serious approach. If you want to ask something the members of household, think over in advance words with which you will begin a conversation. You do not trifle of business, self-confidently. Scroll a conversation better in advance, having provided various possible answers.

2. Choose an opportunity for a conversation. For example, you want to ask a serious question to the spouse. It is not necessary to carry on a responsible conversation in a hurry at all, on the run or when it is necessary to make some urgent work. Avoid serious dialogues and in case your husband obviously not in the spirit of or was simply tired at work. Try to ask the questions in time which was more suitable for this purpose.

3. At any situation keep cool, surely follow rules of good form. Do not ask questions aggressively, sharply at all. Refrain from an accusatory bias. After all, you not the investigator interrogating the suspect. If you aggressively behave, straight talk at you just will not turn out because of an intense situation. Your interlocutor will feel offended and will essentially evade the honest and direct question to the question posed.

4. Ask questions whenever possible briefly, politely and quietly, speaking only to the point. Surely explain and highlight that you asked these questions not just like that, not because of harm and especially not because you want to embarrass the person close to you. Just he is very dear to you, you love him or respect for human qualities therefore you want that between you there were no ambiguities, half-words. At such approach to your serious questions will belong without delight, but precisely without frank hostility.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team