As it is better to make the girl the proposal

As it is better to make the girl the proposal

To make offer hands and hearts it is always very disturbing. It is an important point in the relations with which begins new, adulthood. That it was remembered for many years, it is necessary to think over each detail carefully.


1. Making offer, it is accepted to give to the girl a ring. Choose it in advance, being guided, first of all, by taste of your future bride. Pay attention to what jewelry she gives preference: massive, elaborate or graceful. And also on what precious metal is pleasant to it more. If it wears jewelry of silver, it, for example, will approach a ringlet from white gold more. To pick up the size not the problem too – it is enough to take one of its rings in shop or, if it works, to try on it on the little finger.

2. Be at proper words. Suggesting the girl to marry, tell about the attitude towards her in the beginning. That with it you feel happier and you want to be near all the time. And after that ask it consent to become your spouse. Do not begin to do offers from a phrase "How many it is possible to meet …" and similar to it. It is not really romantic and trembling.

3. Decide on the place where you wish to make the proposal. Its choice depends only on your preferences and imagination. It is possible to reserve a table at cozy small restaurant and during a dinner to take this serious step. And it is possible to get out to the nature and to find a beautiful corner. It will be incredibly romantic to ask it to marry during some trip or a travel.

4. Having received the consent of the darling, ask her hands and for parents. For them it is very touching and important point in life too. Come to two of them and report about the made decision then ask them consent to this step. In life happens different situations therefore it is necessary to be ready to any reaction of parents, even to negative. You should not despair at once. Perhaps, for them it is simply big surprises and gradually, having seen yours to it the relation, they will get used to the idea that their daughter became already absolutely adult.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team