As it is better to make the man happy

As it is better to make the man happy

That family life brought joy to the woman, nearby there has to be a happy man. How to make the husband happy?


1. The man is absent more often at home, vanishing at work. For him it is extremely important to feel that wait for his house. Therefore meet him with a smile, violent joy. Surround him with care and attention. Ask, how was your day, tasty feed, surround with comfort. At everything at the same time whatever heavy your day to arrival of the husband was, you have to make toilet and look good.

2. The woman has to be gentle, fragile, seductive. Gently address the husband, show various caress, embrace and kiss, on walk take by hand. Also do not forget that men at any age need to be tempted. Promising messages on phone, whisper it on an ear about different pranks.

3. Support yourself in shape. Each man wants to see near himself the beautiful, well-groomed self-assured woman. Do not stop to surprise the husband with transformations in various images, be always different. Forget about a worn dressing gown, any washed-off linen. Do not allow the husband to see you with a mud mask on a face or from hair curlers on the head, the man needs to see only ideal result of your efforts.

4. High-quality, sensual sex is necessary for the happy man. Any headaches or lamentations, that you were tired as a dray horse. Never refuse proximity and also sometimes take the initiative.

5. You thank the spouse for everything that he for you does, do not take for granted. The happy husband wants to hear a praise for the slightest feats. It induces to please darling further.

6. True happiness for the man to have nearby not only the attractive woman, but also the friend and the workmate in her face. That it did not happen, whatever problems overtook you, support the spouse, instill in him confidence, you say that everything at it will turn out. If the man tells about the troubles, listen, without reproaches and unnecessary comments.

7. Show respect for the husband's parents for his friends. Maintain good relations with all people of its circle even if someone from them to you is not nice.

8. The man is happy not only because houses he has a comfort and a cosiness, and the beautiful wife and the clear head. He has to realize himself as the personality. There have to be own hobbies which the spouse has to encourage and rejoice to progress.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team