As it is correct to bathe the baby

As it is correct to bathe the baby

All parents know that bathing of the newborn child is one of the most important processes in care for it. It is possible to bathe the child in the first day, after discharge from maternity hospital. It is very important to distinguish bathing from washing of the kid. It is possible to wash it also flowing water, using nurseries ""soap means"". And here bathing is more interesting and cheerful procedure.

There is a number of the factors demonstrating that it is necessary to bathe the kid:

  • Bathing brings to the child pleasure. In water the kid feels comfortable and reliably. The fact is that at early age at the subconscious level he remembers as existed at mother in a stomach. That is liquid is the habitual habitat for the newborn child.
  • When bathing the child receives physical activity which is necessary for it for a certain age period.
  • Bathing helps the kid to show the emotions and to communicate in such a way to people around.
  • It is known that after the water procedures at the person the appetite improves. Small children are not an exception of this rule.
  • The kid with whom water procedures are daily carried out is exposed to risk of catarrhal diseases less.

How to bathe the kid?

It is necessary to watch hygiene of the child from the first day of his life. But it is authorized to bathe him in an adult bathtub only when the umbilical wound is completely tightened. Usually healing of a navel happens approximately in two weeks after the birth. Up to this point it is possible to carry out hygienic procedures in other ways:

1. To use a small bathtub, adapted especially for bathing of newborn children. Water for this purpose needs to be boiled previously.

2. It is possible to wipe the kid with special children's napkins.

When the umbilical wound healed, it is possible to begin to bathe the kid in a big adult bathtub, using at the same time usual tap water. At the same time, it will not need additional boiling any more.

In order that the kid slept peacefully all night long, it is necessary to bathe him about half an hour. In that case the organism will spend enough energy, and will be able to fill it only by means of a long quiet dream. For this reason and it is better to carry out the procedure of bathing in the evening, before feeding.

What it is possible to add to water when bathing the kid?

Actually, it is possible to bathe the kid also plain clear water, without special additives. Additives in this case are intended only for improvement of any or necessary at that time result.

Possible options of additives to water for bathing of the kid:

Potassium permanganate. It is applied as resolvent. But when using for bathing of the kid in an adult bathtub the effect of potassium permanganate will be very small. The fact is that this means is effective only in a large number, at the same time excessive addition of potassium permanganate in water for bathing threatens with receiving burns on gentle skin of the kid.

Train. It is known for the antibacterial and calming action. Is the safest means for bathing of the child as does not irritate the skin, does not overdry, and at the same time is hypoallergenic.

It is not recommended to wipe the child as it can do much harm to his gentle skin. Just it is better to wrap up the kid in a towel and excessive moisture will be absorbed. After an obsykhaniye it is possible to apply cream, oil or a milk to skin of the child, as required. When choosing cosmetics for care for the newborn it is necessary to consider opinion of the children's doctor.  

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