As it is correct to be protected and whether it is possible to become pregnant from allocations at men

As it is correct to be protected and whether it is possible to become pregnant from allocations at men

More and more women are interested whether it is possible to become pregnant from lubricant, allocations, slime at men during sexual intercourse with interruption (that is, extraction of a genital before ejaculation). At excitement the male genital can excrete really a little lubricant, having the features.


1. Theoretically really there are chances to become pregnant from lubricant, allocations, slime at men, but in general it is rather small and takes place only in special cases. Lubricant (slime) is liquid of transparent color which is produced by the man's organism at excitement. It helps to facilitate input of a genital in a vagina at the beginning of sexual intercourse. In the course of the medical researches it was established that these allocations actually contain a small amount of live and active spermatozoa.

2. If to compare releases of lubricant to an ejaculation during an orgasm at men, then the seed contains huge number of mobile gametes that is necessary for increase in chances of approach of pregnancy. Lubricant contains much less active gametes that complicates chances of hit them in a uterus cavity. Approach of fertilization of an ovum demands many factors therefore the most part of spermatozoa perishes, passing through the protected vagina environment. At the same time it is worth remembering that ejaculation at an orgasm differs in the strong pressure also necessary for fertilization process simplification. Lubricant only slightly humidifies a head, practically without getting into a vagina.

3. Anyway, there are small chances to become pregnant from allocations in the form of lubricant (slime) at men. For example, many men suffer from a premature ejaculation or have various frustration of semyavyvodyashchy channels. Because of it sperm is capable to be emitted still before there comes the orgasm, and it is possible to be mistaken, having decided that it is just lubricant. Also in men's slime the increased number of mobile spermatozoa, for example, in case of long sexual abstinence can be observed. The similar phenomenon occurs also during sexual intercourse, long on time, when from overexcitation more and more lubricant begins to be emitted. As a result also the quantity of spermatozoa increases in it.

4. Chances to become pregnant or not at release of men's lubricant in many respects depend on women. Monthly in the course of course of a menstrual cycle there comes the ovulation characterized by full maturing of an ovum for fertilization. This period lasts about a day, but so-called "dangerous" days also precede this date and follow right after it. As it is noted by many observations, the unprotected sex one week prior to an ovulation and within 7-10 days after it is undesirable as spermatozoa which were in men's lubricant or a seed can reach the ripened ovum nevertheless.

5. Do not forget also that some types of allocations at men are not just lubricant. Sometimes it is sign of presence at the partner of any venereal disease. Thus, if the woman does not trust the partner, it is better to insist on condom use nevertheless. If the woman worries that during sexual intercourse at the man too much lubricant was emitted, and at the same time signs of possible approach of pregnancy are observed (a periods delay, feeling sick in the mornings, small fatigue and depression, swelling of a breast and genitals, etc.), it is better to address for consultation the gynecologist, avoiding any attempts of self-treatment with use of the strong medicines which are allegedly interrupting pregnancy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team