As it is correct to bring up the kid

As it is correct to bring up the kid

Educational process of the kid begins already when the child still absolutely small. But even at this age the kid already understands everything and estimates from the, children's party. How it is correct to bring up the child?

Educational process should be constructed so that requirements did not contradict each other and that parents adhered to the same line of conduct.

The sequence - the key to success

It is impossible to assume that mother was a strict tutor, and the father - the good-natured colleague. The child should not submit blindly to adults, the reason of any ban needs to be explained. The clear boundary between has to be "impossible" and it "is possible". It is desirable that there were no constant bans as restrictions at the slightest pretext will negatively affect behavior of the child.Steady daily routine

Children who are accustomed to a certain mode behave much more quietly. The kid has to get used to a certain sequence of occupations: for example, breakfast-walk-dream. Non-compliance with the mode leads to excess whims, the got-off schedule of a dream that as a result negatively affects also parents. Changes need to be made to a daily routine gradually and as it is possible more imperceptibly.

Obedience without quarrels

Educational process is not army service, but the child - not the subordinate at the parents therefore strict reprimands and implicit orders will not create trusting and cordial relations with the child.

However obedience needs to achieve after all. For this purpose it is necessary that from the most early age the child correctly understood a word meaning it "is necessary". It has to treat it not as to a whim of adults or threat. It is just need which cannot be avoided in any way.

Instructions which are received by the kid have to be the most clear and not too difficult. If he understands that for it nobody will perform this task and nobody will forget about it, then execution probability considerably will increase. And, of course, you should not forget about a praise - the best motivation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team