As it is correct to care for the husband

As it is correct to care for the husband

If the woman wants to create for the man the ideal atmosphere in the house and in the family relations, it is necessary to take advice.


1. Organize for the husband personal space in the house. If the living space allows, then design one room to be a study, or the husband's workshop if there is no place, then it is enough to choose a convenient corner in the house where personal belongings of the husband will be stored and it will be able to go about the own business. This territory is inviolable, you should not dig in things, or to shift something without the permission of the husband, do not allow children to touch personal belongings of the father.

2. It is important to keep houses order and a cosiness. Add nice knickknacks to an interior, place family photos which will remind the spouse of pleasantly spent time. Pay attention to smells. Ask the husband what aromas he prefers, it is important that the home was filled with favourite aromas. Use aromatic candles, aromalamps, ask the spouse to pick up to you spirits which are pleasant to him.

3. The woman has to know accurately about all culinary preferences of the husband and also about unloved products and dishes. Use this knowledge during planning of the menu, or in search of new recipes. Periodically ask the spouse that he wanted for dinner. Men very much appreciate women who are able to prepare tasty and variously.

4. Before arrival of the husband from work it is necessary to be prepared. If it is necessary take a shower, style hair, it is optional to impose an evening make-up and to dress a sexual peignoir, rather well-groomed body and fresh tidy clothes. It is good to have several sets of home clothing, choose that in which you will perform homework and another in which you will be seen by the husband. Have a rest at least 15 minutes, drink coffee with favourite cake, indulge yourself to lighten the mood and to meet the beloved fresh, well rested and cheerful.

5. When the man returns from work, find for him time, postpone all affairs and communicate to the spouse at least 30 min. Ask how was your day, share the news.

6. Try to follow habits and preferences of the man, for example, take an interest as it is correct to put his things where he would like to go for the weekend that he wanted to eat for breakfast and so on. Surrounded with such care, the man will feel like darling necessary and will try to please the spouse more often.

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