As it is correct to choose a wedding ring

As it is correct to choose a wedding ring

Since medieval times the wedding rings are symbols of eternal love, devotion and fidelity of married couple therefore the choice of this difficult ornament has to happen to heavy responsibility and attention.

Quality of a ring

Choosing a wedding ring, it is necessary to consider quality of its production, first of all. Kind of strange it did not sound, but for check it is worth throwing only a ring from small height on a plain and firm surface. If it quite easily jumps aside from a surface with a characteristic ring, so a ring qualitative and cast. If when falling it makes slightly stupid sound, it means that the ring was soldered from several parts of metal, and is not qualitative. It is also necessary to pay attention to special marking of a ring – a brand on which test of a product and also the sign of the producer has to be displayed.

Style of a ring

Choosing wedding rings, it is worth paying attention to hands of the bride and the groom. Wide and massive rings will approach on chubby and short fingers more, and here on slender and long fingers graceful and small ringlets will better look.

Sometimes people get to themselves the wedding rings inlaid with stones. At the same time it is necessary to remember that each stone has the certain value and property. The best stone for wedding rings diamond is considered. It bears in itself(himself) power of happiness, joy and eternal love. Rings with emeralds bring happiness and wealth, rings with rubies long since were signs of passion. And here you should not buy rings with amethyst for a wedding. In the people this stone was nicknamed widow as it brings to the owner loneliness. Also it is not recommended to get wedding rings with stones of dark color. It should be notedIt should be noted that fashion to get already long time for a ring wedding only from gold is outdated. Many people give preference to rings from platinum or palladium. In these products there are minuses and pluses. For example, the ring from platinum will be twice more expensive gold, and at the same time, will have similarity to a ring from inexpensive silver as platinum has light-silvery color. From pluses of rings from platinum metals It should be notedIt should be noted their big inertness even to the most aggressive substances and also durability.

Basic rules of the choice

Before choosing a wedding ring, it is necessary to determine the finger size with an accuracy. It becomes in the warm room and in the evening as in other time of day the finger can be swelled up. In any jewelry store there is a device for measurement of the size of fingers. It represents set of a set of special thin ringlets. It is important to consider also width of a ring. For slender and long fingers it is necessary to choose narrow rings 3 millimeters wide. Rings of the average thickness 7 millimeters wide will be suitable for chubby and long fingers. On short and slender fingers rings 2.5-3.5 millimeters wide will well look, and here on fingers of average completeness and are long to carry rings from 5 to 6 millimeters wide better.

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