As it is correct to communicate with the husband's relatives

As it is correct to communicate with the husband's relatives

The wife's relations with the husband's relatives, it is seldom possible to call warm therefore to preserve the peace in family use the given councils.


1. Never complain of the spouse, do not tell and do not emphasize his shortcomings of presence of family from its party. Even if relatives of the husband will begin sincerely you to sympathize practically always, after all, they will take the part of your spouse. It can provoke considerations of your shortcomings under a microscope, emphasizing those, or other negative qualities. The wife is accepted in family of the husband, relatives will protect, argue in every possible way the point of view of the native person.

2. Do not ignore important events in life of relatives of your spouse. Birthdays, anniversaries, anniversaries have to be celebrated in the calendar. If congratulations are limited to phone call, then instead of just saying hello through the husband, take the call and tell several warm words. Such attitude towards relatives of the husband will bear good fruits.

3. You should not impose the councils in any given situation. Even if you understand business best of all, have wealth of experience and know how it is better to arrive, better delicately to keep silent until you are asked about the help. And even in this case, it is necessary to give advice accurately and unostentatiously.

4. Be hospitable. You should not refuse to the husband's relatives who wanted to stay for a while with you, to suffer better even if their presence unwanted for you. If such visits were become constant visitor, it is possible to talk to the husband that you feel discomfort. Express quietly, without claims and reproaches.

5. Try to improve the relations with all members of the family of your husband. Even if certain people cause in you hostility. Never show the obvious negative. It is the best of all to take a neutral position. Your spouse carried out all life with these people for certain their opinion for it is important, he will always listen to relatives therefore himself needs to create good reputation and to try to communicate quietly with all.

6. Try to discuss less with the husband's relatives how many your parents, relatives made for you with the spouse. It can be regarded as boasting of you and negligence. Such offenses can become the reason of the tense and stale relations with relatives of your spouse.

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