As it is correct to coquet

As it is correct to coquet

Coquetry – the most effective female instrument of seduction. Ideal canons of coquetry which if to follow them, surely result in the necessary result were for many years developed.

How it is correct to coquet?

The true coquetry is always most natural – coquettish women are changeable, charming, is promising, but at the same time they can lose interest, keep the admirers at arm's length and concern their hearts with smiles and languishing looks.

The smart coquetry which is not irritating the man the with irrelevance is inherent not in all at all. However, if to apply a few forces, this skill can be seized.

You should not forget about coquetry, having successfully married. Coquetry – a great way to remind even to the best husband that you are not an easy mark.

Not for nothing say that the best form of coquetry is its absence. Be most natural. Chatter, a baby talk, affected grimaces terribly irritate even the most reserved men. And here natural gestures, light playfulness, on the contrary, look very attractively. Estimate yourself most soberly. Cooing or affectedness in combination with improper appearance cause a sneer. The same concerns also coquettish behavior which does not correspond to your age. To take quite difficult seriously the thirty-year-old woman who poses as the sixteen-year-old grammar-school girl. You should not play all gate at once. Concentrate all the efforts on one man, do not smile to everyone, it can deprive of you any attention.

Coquet, but do not play

If you had an idea to fray nerves to the man (that is to be late, not to come to a meeting, to ignore calls and sms, to show boredom in his society), you should not play. Of course, thus it is possible to inflame the man, but it is possible to touch with the same way his pride or to humiliate, otherwise he to move off in searches of other woman. So alternate the periods of boredom and arrogance and tenderness and care. Only do not do it too evenly. Be not predictable, never answer directly. Operate with concepts "can be", "possibly", "I will think". The uncertainty and slight concern promote more careful attitude of the man to you. Besides, so he will appreciate above those moments when you show tenderness and care.

Never you lead up the man to whiteof kaleniye the inconstancy. It can come to an end not really well.

Consider that men often use exactly the same arsenal of means. After fall you in colors, gifts and attention, the man can unexpectedly be gone. And then you will be already nervous, wait and go crazy from love and jealousy. At the right time the clever man will appear on your horizon with a new set of bouquets and gifts. And after that will be able to walk all over from you and to twirl by you as it is necessary for it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team