As it is correct to flirt

As it is correct to flirt

Flirtation is an easy game which tickles nerves, gives to the man and the woman pleasure from communication.

Language of flirtation are words and gestures. Even if you are spouses with an experience, you should not forget about flirtation. Flirting with own husband, you will be able to osyovezhit your relations, to fill them with passion and mischief as once in youth. We prigotoyovit several councils which will open for you all secrets of vdokhnovlyayuyoshchy flirtation.

Use body language

Usually we "schiyotyvay" and ispolzuyoy gestures at the podsoyoznatelny level. If you want to become present profesyosionaly in a flirtation iskusyostvo, it is worth using and "chiyotat" gestures osoznanyono. If during communication the interlocutor raises broyov, bows in your party, the hair kasayotsya, socks of its footwear are directed directly to you, so it not against to pofliryotovat with you. NameYorena to poflirtovat? Arrive also.

Words: important there is nothing and as

Flirtation is not exchange of information, but exchange of an emotsiyayoma. You can speak about anything: about weather, a hobby, plans, interesting events. Not the subject of a razgovoyor, but some mischief, good-natured slyness, a neyodoskazannost, significant defaults, transparent nayomek and veiled (and not really) compliments is important.

Add mystery

About what mystery - indispensable attribute of flirtation, is known by many. But how it to doyobitsya? A secret is in giving a minimum of information on itself and at the same time not to be false, be sincere.  


To keep an intrigue, it is important to be able "to escape" in time. If you hooked on the person, zainyoteresovat something, and then "evaporated", then his imagination will become your ally and he will neyopremenno want to continue communication with you

"Better than any words at times views speak"

Spaniards, recognized experts in fliryot questions, claim that a look "eye to eye" - the main weapon of flirtation. You learn to talk by means of a look: for this purpose it is not enough, without blinking, ustavityyosya in eyes to "object". It is necessary, looking in eyes, to myslenyono smile and speak about itself what you hoyotel to express a look: "You are pleasant to me! You have a charming smile. I enjoy obshcheyoniy with you". Then your look will be intelligent, playful and "speaking". But it is important not to go too far in duration of visual contact - 3-4 seconds will be just right!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team