As it is correct to invite the girl to an appointment

As it is correct to invite the girl to an appointment

The question how to invite the girl to an appointment, concerns many men. The more young lady is pleasant to you, the your desire to get acquainted with her closer is stronger, the more you worry before this step. As it is beautiful to invite the girl what phrases it is better to use and how to avoid the most widespread mistakes on the first appointment — read in this article.

As as it is necessary to speak, inviting the girl to an appointment

It is possible to invite to an appointment at a personal meeting, by phone, by means of social networks, etc.

However regardless of a method, the structure of the conversation will be typical:

  1. In the beginning greet: Hi, Marina!, Good morning, Katya! The human psychology is so arranged that it is pleasant to people to hear the names therefore do not miss an excellent opportunity to win over the interlocutor.
  2. Take an interest, as its affairs as mood. At first sight, it is banal politeness, but such reception will help you to understand, than thoughts are borrowed from the girl now: sometimes it is possible to hear refusal only because at present the similar question was out of place or not at the right time. However be not fond of a conversation and in a few minutes you pass directly to the invitation.
  3. It has to be concrete and clear: sound date, time for a meeting, the place.

If during the specified period it is inconvenient to girl to meet, then it is possible to offer alternative options.

Important! Only do not press on it too! You should not open immediately the calendar and to check day after day. There is enough 1–2 options and if nevertheless refused to you under the pretext of employment, repeat attempt in a week - another.

Often if the sympathy is mutual and the girl cannot really meet you because of already available plans, then she will offer alternative time for an appointment.

Selection of successful phrases

In movies or men's magazines the heroes lady's men show what speech receptions should be used to draw female attention. In practice what to tell depends on the girl, her style, character. Also there is no universal phrase or words capable to win the heart of any young lady.

Though it is approximately possible to outline the list of those subjects about which it will be pleasant to girl to hear:

  • Do you remember, Kat, you mentioned a new pizzeria where you would like to descend?;
  • Listen, on these days off in the city a concert (name of her favorite band) … is planned;
  • I learned that the new movie was released with (her favourite actor / actress). Did not you still see it?.

The similar invitation will have more chances of the positive answer, she will surely estimate the fact that the young man remembers its tastes and preferences.

Whether you know? Scientists consider that the opinion on the person is formed in consciousness of other people still before he begins to say therefore it is important to hold a bearing and to smile at a meeting.

What phrases cannot be spoken

In this case everything is simple: avoid offensive language. Sometimes men consider that they similar expressions show the coolness, force, however not each girl to agree with this opinion.

In what way it is better to invite the girl to an appointment

It is difficult to give definite answer to this question as in each situation there are features.

Let's talk in more detail about the most popular and the methods extended today:

  • to correspondence by SMS or on social networks;
  • phone call;
  • to personal meeting.

By SMS or on social networks

Now the world endures a boom of popularity of social networks, and many romantic relations began exactly thanks to VKontakte, Instagram, etc. Appointment invitation by means of text messages has the advantages:

  • the method perfectly suits timid young people, at its use the interlocutors do not see each other;
  • if it is about social networks, then it is possible to recognize by a profile of the girl in advance, than she is interested and to pick up the optimum place for a meeting;
  • if desired the girl can make the original invitation in the form of a short roller or the romantic verse.

It is important! If you with the girl did not exchange earlier calls or messages, then at the beginning of the conversation it is better to be presented, remind her from where you know each other (Hi, Dasha! This is Pavel, we the day before yesterday got acquainted with you on a birthday of Masha Litvinova, Hi, Len! How are you? This is Dima from parallel group you disturbs)), etc.).

Has this method and certain reefs:

  • on social networks it is quite real to meet fake profiles therefore there is a probability to be disappointed in the darling at a meeting;
  • you watch literacy of the messages. Grammatical mistakes are capable to spoil an impression even from the most beautiful invitation;
  • some girls consider that guys who get acquainted through social networks or prefer SMS, are not sure of themselves and the forces.

By phone

Today each person has a mobile phone practically, and, having number of the pleasant girl, surely it is worth using it to call her on an appointment. The call on mobile considerably increases chances of affirmative answer:

  • the weaker sex is auditory, and sounding of a pleasant male voice will adjust the girl on a romantic harmony at once;
  • during the lively conversation it is more difficult to think up an excuse why it cannot go on a date, than at text correspondence;
  • if she is busy in time offered by you, it is so much more convenient to agree about transfer of a meeting

The phone call, in fact, combines the main plus of text messages (easier to invite to a meeting, without seeing the face of the interlocutor) and convenience of a lively conversation (in need of the drawn-up plans it is possible to make quickly changes).

Whether you know? In 90% of cases of steam kisses for the first time on the second appointment.


It is difficult to most of men to invite the pleasant girl to an appointment live. Someone is afraid to hear refusal, interferes with someone nervousness. And if in the message it is possible to send in advance made invitation, then at a lively conversation many plans and preparations often do not work because of nervousness.

Besides, at a meeting live a considerable role is played by the fact of acquaintance to the girl. It is simpler to much to call the unfamiliar young lady on an appointment, it is so easier to endure possible refusal. It is in that case better to carry on a conversation as follows:

  1. For a start approach and be presented. If you met somewhere at an exhibition, a conference, etc., then it is possible to strike up a conversation, having taken an interest in her opinion, an impression on an action.
  2. After acquaintance it is possible directly, but unostentatiously to admit to the girl the sympathy. Such option demands considerable determination and confidence in the forces and if you not the supporter of similar frankness, then it is possible just to give it a compliment concerning appearance, her eye, smiles, etc.
  3. After such short communication, having won over the girl, you pass directly to appointment invitation: You know, I would like to get acquainted closer with such attractive girl! Perhaps we will have dinner tomorrow together?, etc.

Important! During acquaintance keep a friendly smile on a face, be polite and do not break borders of personal space. Too emotional communication, attempts to embrace, offensive language can push away, frighten the girl, and then hardly she will agree to a repeated meeting.

Often in life happens that the sympathy suddenly arises to the old acquaintance. Traditionally such relations begin with little flirtation between you two which is logical to continuing by the invitation to take a walk somewhere or to go to the cinema together, separately from your habitual company of friends.

For this purpose call her aside that your conversation had no excess witnesses, and just invite to go together to its favourite cafe, on the new movie, a concert, etc.

Further an event can develop in several ways:

  • she will smile and will agree;
  • with regret will tell that for this time it already has plans, and will suggest to reschedule a meeting;
  • will begin to giggle, make eyes and break, without giving the concrete answer. You should not be frightened such option or to be irritated as the similar behavior just demonstrates that the girl, most likely, got agitated and does not know how it is better to answer (suddenly now she will agree, and you will think that she is too available; or will refuse, and you decide that she is too cold, etc. — the course of female thoughts cannot just be foreseen). Let's it several minutes master itself and to make the decision;
  • she will refuse.

The last option, of course, the most unpleasant, however and it happens. You should not worry too because of it, just remain and is farther friends, continue to communicate, indifferently.

Often the guy is afraid, kind of the company of mutual friends did not learn that Masha/Vera/Lina refused to go with him on a date and sneers did not begin to pour from all directions. In such cases just you remember that if someone and learns about the similar fact, then in life of other people enough own problems to focus the attention on similar trifles.

What place is the best of all for the first appointment

One more important question which should be solved, inviting to an appointment — the place of its carrying out. The main mistake which is made by many guys — And let's descend together somewhere. Addressing with such offer, you in fact shift the solution of this question to the girl.

Read also what to write to the girl who is pleasant, to VKontakte.

And if for you it looks as an opportunity to allow her to choose the convenient location, it can regard it as shifting of responsibility and unwillingness to bother too over your joint pastime.

The question will be far better to sound: How you look at that we went to the cinema together or cafe? Or, maybe, you prefer more active holiday?

If you call the good acquaintance on an appointment, then you have an advantage: you know its favourite institutions, what movies she prefers, etc. And even if earlier you did not pay attention to these nuances, then can always ask council her girlfriends. The classical place for holding the first appointment it is possible to call cafe:

  • there is an opportunity to talk quietly, to learn more about each other;
  • it is not unprofitable in terms of finance;
  • regardless of a season and weather outside the window you will be in a comfortable situation.

Looking for the optimum place, consider some nuances:

  • if you have not enough time for the first meeting (only 2-3 hours), then it is better not to elect cinema, otherwise because of viewing the movie you will not have time for communication;
  • do not call on the beach, to the pool, aquapark, etc. — not each girl will be ready to the first appointment in a bathing suit;
  • planning walk in the fresh air, choose beautiful places of your city, prepare several subjects for a conversation in advance and also consider weather conditions;
  • do not call on the first appointment to yourself home, to the park in the evening or to poorly populated places, otherwise the girl can incorrectly treat your intentions.

Whether you know? In Europe for the first appointment restaurants of Italian cuisine are considered as the most popular place.

The non-standard appointment can become a great way to impress the darling: joint passing quest room, a master class in dances, driving on cards. Especially effectively such appointment will take place if you do not speak in advance where you are going to call her. Tell that it will be a surprise. Only surely specify how it is better for it to put on and what to take if there is such need. And that the young lady in the fitting miniskirt and on heels will hardly be delighted to skating …

Do not forget that to impress the girl — means, in this case, to give her positive emotions and pleasure from pastime with you that she wanted to repeat this meeting.

Important! Being going to call the girl on an appointment to a certain place, do not forget to specify whether it works in due time and whether there is an opportunity there to get (perhaps, all tables are already reserved, and tickets — are bought up). Leave a preliminary reservation which can be removed if the girl does not confirm a meeting. Also will always not prevent to have a fallback option of the place for an appointment in case of unforeseen circumstances.

What appearance needs to be had on an appointment

Your appearance at a meeting with the girl has to be relevant to this time and the place. In a suit go to theater, in jeans — to walk, etc. By all means pay attention to a number of rules which are relevant regardless of the chosen dress:

  • be tidy. The wrinkled shirt, a sweater with spots after a yesterday's lunch, dirty hair, not well-groomed vegetation on a face is a taboo not only for the first appointment, but also for any meeting with the girl;
  • you watch a smell. The weaker sex is far more sensitive to aromas, than men therefore a shower, the deodorant and light perfume are obligatory before a meeting. Also do not forget about a smell from a mouth which is easy for spoiling onions, alcohol and smoking;
  • keep simplicity. The abundance of jewelry, the fashionable, but not combined among themselves brands will attract only mercenary persons for whom the size of a purse of the guy has paramount value. Be yourself both in behavior, and in clothes, you do not seek to put on all the best and at once, then your chances to be pleasant will be higher;
  • remain self-assured. Perhaps, use of similar criterion strange sounds in relation to clothes, but this criterion plays not the last role in male self-confidence. New shoes, for the first time dressed (but such fashionable) a shirt, inconvenient trousers — it is possible, all this will look on you excellent, only if things cause discomfort in the man, it affects his behavior and mood not in the best way.

Whether you know? When the man tries to approach the woman, she bases 55% of an initial impression about it on his appearance and language of a body, 38% on its manner to say also 7% — on what he directly tells.

How to behave on the first appointment

The first appointment is a disturbing event for both. The girl worries and whether her dress and as the meeting will take place, etc. was pleasant to the guy.

Therefore her positive opinion on you will only be increased if you take a situation in hand:

  • greet. If the format of an appointment allows — present flowers;
  • take an interest, as its affairs;
  • if it is necessary to walk to the direct place of an appointment, offer it the hand for support;
  • during this walk it is possible to communicate on abstract subjects: about weather, the new movie, favourite music, etc.

The initial task of the guy is to let to the darling know ease in communication, to allow it to relax in a conversation. For this purpose:

  • be polite;
  • you joke, but not too be fond and also avoid trite and incorrect humour (hardly jokes about blondes will be pleasant to the fair-haired girl);
  • you watch purity of the speech;
  • be positive. Girls are easily adjusted on a wave of the interlocutor therefore your fun will be transmitted to 90% of cases also to it and if she sees before herself a gloomy face, then its stiffness will only amplify;
  • tell several interesting, but small stories from the life. Such stories have to be appropriate, short, allowing the girl to recognize the interlocutor from the best side;
  • take an interest in her life, tastes: where she works / studies whether the chosen activity is pleasant to it, than she is fond in free time, etc.;
  • do not forget about compliments. Only they should not be persons on duty (You know, you have such beautiful eyes), and to be related directly to her personality and to be interwoven organically into a context of your conversation (Means, you practice three years yoga? Then it is no wonder that you have such cool figure!, etc.).

Important! Girls by the nature are more talkative and sociable, than the stronger sex. Therefore as soon as you adjust the interlocutor on a positive harmony, you will give her the chance to feel confidently in a conversation with you, she will begin to conduct a conversation.

Very a delicate question who pays on the first appointment. And here unambiguously It is necessary to tell that it is better to do it to the man. Same he was an initiator of a meeting. If the girl suggests to pay for herself independently, it is possible to laugh the matter off that same you called her.

However if your companion insists on division of expenditure, and you see that it is important for her, agree to pay everyone for yourself. And later apologize to her, tell that did not want to offend her.

Widespread mistakes of men on the first appointment

What beautiful, clever and good was not the guy, his advantages can grow dim considerably in the opinion of the girl if he makes some inexcusable mistakes.

Whether you know? Signs that the woman is not interested in the man include: avoiding of visual contact, a false smile or lack of a smile, a deviation from the interlocutor, terse answers, round-shouldered a pose, frequent views for hours, percussion by legs and an indifferent look.

And on the first appointment it is possible to rank as the list of the most widespread misses of men:

  • delay. If to girls it is admissible to be late for 10–15 minutes (and some young ladies are sincerely sure that they should be late for appointments), then for the man it is inadmissible at any age. And the longer the girl should wait, the her opinion on the guy will deteriorate stronger;
  • lack of plans. Few what young lady will be delighted, having heard at a meeting: Hi! What will we be engaged in? It automatically means to it: calling her on an appointment, the guy did not work to spend time to think up how to have a rest together, so, to it it is not important, she will like a meeting or not, respectively, the girl not too interests him;
  • lack of care of the companion. If you meet the ardent feminist, then to open before her doors, you should not offer her a hand for support, of course. But believe, even the most independent young lady will not forgive you walks on stone blocks if she kept the appointment on heels. And such touching gestures as the men's jacket thrown her shoulders or a jacket that it did not freeze in the cool evening, will be to liking to any girl;
  • lack of manners. And here the speech not only about offensive language and rules of etiquette, but also about behavior at a table. Sauces that aim to turn into a spot on clothes, it is better to postpone ribs, chicken wings, as well as other food which needs to be eaten with hands for future meetings;
  • egoism. It is fine if you tell about yourself 2–3 small stories, however you should not tell all the time only about the person;
  • criticism. The first appointment — not the best option to tell the girl that this dress does not go her or that she incorrectly pronounces any given word. Even if you make such remarks for the best. Can worse be, only if you criticize its tastes, preferences in music, literature, etc.;
  • attention to other girls. Having invited the specific young lady to an appointment, find time only for her. Otherwise your companion will have an occasion to take offense;
  • to speak about former. And it concerns both positive, and negative information. The first appointment is the beginning of a modern history, you should not spoil it episodes from the past;
  • attempts to cause pity. Girls are really more inclined to sympathy, than men. But it should not be abused, otherwise she will decide that before it the weak man not capable to cope with the problems;
  • greed. Women can forgive a lot of things to the stronger sex, only not this sin;
  • hobby for the smartphone. The appointment is intended for real-life communication with the girl therefore it is better to postpone phone temporarily.

Whether you know? Researches show that men have enough 3 appointments to realize the love whereas women understand it not earlier than the 14th meeting.

Now you know more about how to invite the pleasant girl to an appointment and to hold this meeting in the best way. Just be yourself, enjoy joint pastime and surely do not forget to tell upon termination of an appointment that you very much liked to be with her. Thus, you practically guarantee yourself a repeated meeting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team