As it is correct to kiss

As it is correct to kiss

Kiss – one of the most natural and habitual things in life. Practically since the first birthday of people learns what is kiss the loving parents, learns to give it in reply, with his help shows warm feelings to pets, toys, without thinking of how it is correct to kiss. But there comes the puberty period, and the kiss becomes something intimate, to the personal, belonging only two.


1. A large number of people does not need any instructions and rules at all. The most important that the events brought to both partners pleasant feelings, and technology of execution of movements by lips, teeth or language does not matter. It is so natural - to follow the intuition and natural reflexes.

2. Nevertheless, there are certain conditions to which it is necessary to adhere. The general ukhozhennost and the correct hygiene of an oral cavity play an important role. Agree that to kiss the person, being scratched about his shelled lips or a three-day bristle, - pleasure doubtful. And the unpleasant smell from a mouth will force to think only of one: how to refuse a kiss, without having trodden on at the same time tender feelings of the partner.

3. To you it has to be comfortable with that person with whom you are going to exchange a long and passionate kiss. The nervousness and tension force to strain muscles, lips become rigid and inactive. Try to walk, without bending knees. The kiss with intense lips something reminds this not absolutely natural process.

4. Be able to feel the partner. Too sluggish reaction to its attempts to make a kiss unearthly, most likely, will ruin it. And the excessive activity will cause suspicion that you want to eat it. If to you already poorly quiet tenderness of a kiss, try to replace speed, but at the same time do not forget that you are not the only participant. If the partner does not respond on your manifestations of passion, return to an initial rhythm.

5. Control salivation process. Swallow excess of liquid, there is no need to irrigate with it the face of the partner. Between "approaches" it is always possible to find the moment suitable for natural reflexes of an organism. And the main thing, stop thinking already about that, as it is correct to kiss, otherwise you will spoil to yourself all pleasure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team