As it is correct to kiss: French kiss

As it is correct to kiss: French kiss

The French kiss is a magic which increases mutual trust of partners and is a prelude of intimate relations. The French kiss surely assumes contact of languages of partners and proceeds, as a rule, from 3 to 5 minutes. At the same time partners surely breathe through a nose.


1. We begin with soft and gentle kisses with the closed mouth. Try not to press on the partner, do not worry and as much as possible relax lips.

2. Then smoothly try to move apart the partner's lips language, making rotary motions on a spiral. Your heads have to be inclined in different directions, in such situation the noses do not disturb. Try not to work with language intensively, especially at the beginning.

3. Then take away language back, check whether answer you. It is very important point - to feel response of the partner. Continue rotary motions by languages. Enjoy, but surely pay attention to reaction of the partner, beginning new action. Carry out by language on its walls of a mouth, teeth.

4. Extend the language towards to the partner's language, begin touch and a game with tips of languages. Do not put out your tongue too far.

5. Very carefully and gently try to take tips of teeth language of the partner, lips at the same time remain slightly opened.

6. Slightly slightly opening a mouth, begin to suck a lower lip gently. Lips can be alternated, in intervals biting language of the partner or making rotary motions by language.

7. At this stage at the correct performance you already have to feel sufficient excitement and it is a high time to pass to aerobatics French kissof - in contact only languages, lips do not touch each other and are at the minimum distance.

8. Try to diversify your kiss, return to gentle pokusyvaniye of a tip of language of the partner, rotary motions by language. At full mutual trust try to suck the partner's language.

9. Involve your language and let know to the partner that you are ready to an initiative from his party. It will give to your game a new round. You run away - catch up with you and vice versa.

10. The French kiss usually so comes to an end: you slowly remove language, close a mouth, kiss the partner "dry" kiss on the lips. Be not discharged at once not to cause emotional shock in the partner.

11. Remember! After correctly executed French kiss you have to feel excitement and choke a little. And the most important - the partner to whom you are really not indifferent is necessary for the French kiss.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team