As it is correct to kiss vzasos and in French

As it is correct to kiss vzasos and in French

Kisses many girls are recognized as more pleasant pastime, than sex. Besides at the time of a kiss it is possible to feel the greatest proximity with other person. For this reason it is so important to kiss correctly.

It is considered that young people learn to kiss correctly on tomatoes though actually during a kiss it is enough not to hurry, to investigate lips and a mouth of the partner and to enjoy process. If you are not sure of the forces, watch video in which people frankly kiss. Similar scenes are in many feature films.

"A kiss in French" and "a kiss vzasos" - names of the same phenomenon.

The name of this type of a kiss is connected with a stereotype about passion frantsuzok or Frenchwomen.

During a kiss in French it is necessary to get gently language into the partner's mouth, to adjoin to it or to it languages, the gentle, caressing movements, to carry out by language on teeth, gums, lips … It is the best of all to begin with very light, caressing touches with a language tip. It is possible to take teeth of a lip of the partner, to suck them, the same can be done also with language. Change of intensity of movements of language can deliver a lot of pleasure. Do not try to act energetically if your partner at least resists a little. Alternate tenderness and passion. It is not obligatory to kiss constantly in French, it is the best of all to combine this equipment with kisses with close lips, kisses of the face and a neck.

Hands will perfectly support romantic mood during kisses. Gently carry out by them on a back of your partner, carry out fingers through locks of hair, press the partner to yourself. It is possible to press one hand to a cheek of the partner or to take him or her for a chin, turning the person in the party, convenient for a kiss. It is possible just to twist a neck with hands or to weave fingers with hands of your partner.

You should not kiss constantly in French. Often girls like usual kisses without language, it helps them to feel tenderness and care.

Nice to the taste drink can diversify your long passionate kisses. Drink fruit juice or eat a little ice cream. The difference of temperatures works practically always excitingly therefore if your partner prefers to eat ice cream, you can drink hot tea. Experiment in search of interesting decisions.

You should not thrust too far the language, it can cause discomfort in your partner in a kiss, sometimes it even prevents to breathe. Control salivation, swallow of the saliva regularly during a kiss, but do it as it is possible more imperceptibly. Damp, sticky kisses not all to taste. Be not too "greedy", too passionate kisses during which there is a feeling that you want to eat the partner, to very few people to taste.

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