As it is correct to love men, or 9 rules of the wise woman

As it is correct to love men, or 9 rules of the wise woman

Art to love other person means not only personal pleasure from the experienced emotions, but also ability to force your second half to feel moral and physical satisfaction in the relations. At the same time at all it is optional to break itself to please to the partner or to demand from him some changes. Only two main issues – understanding and caress will become the best assistants to the women dreaming to learn to love correctly men.

Respect of its independence

Certainly, with darling there is a wish to spend as much as possible free time. But art of love means also respect of others personal space. Therefore it is not necessary to smother the partner care and attention if he wants to remain alone with himself. Give him the chance to esteem the book alone or to tinker in a garage, without looking each five minutes there.

The same concerns meetings of your man with friends. From time to time he has the right to have a rest without you in the men's company, however, as well as you can get out with girlfriends somewhere. Of course, this is not aboutthis is not aboutthis is not about the regular hellbenders repeating every week. But if you released the elect on a meeting with friends, it is not necessary to exasperate him with phone calls, to exhaust jealousy and suspicions. On the contrary, remaining quiet and unperturbable, you show to the man the love and trust.

Competent creation of your dialogue

Women need a talk much stronger than men. They tend toThey tend to pronounce the problems whereas the stronger sex prefers silent considering of a situation. Therefore, having learned that your elect had a bad day or there were some troubles, do not insist on their discussion if he is not ready for dialogue. Give it time to understand themselves, and, perhaps, your man himself will come for contact soon.

Do not complicate to it a task in the aspiration to better understand you. Tell directly better about your desires and requirements as the insight often lacks the stronger sex. One more important rule of creation of the correct dialogue – ability to listen to the partner. Try to penetrate into his words, without seeking to seize initiative in your conversation. Men, as a rule, seldom have moments of revelations. That these moments are more valuable, and careful attitude to them from the woman brings together two loving people it is even more.

Avoiding of any forms of humiliation

There is nothing worse from the woman, than to force the man to feel pathetic and worthless. Therefore true love and humiliation – mutually exclusive factors. Try not to say a phrase, so hated for the stronger sex: "I spoke to you!" Because true care of the man is expressed in sympathy for it, but not in desire to force it to feel the fool.

Besides, avoid public criticism of your partner even if his act is really silly, wrong or awful. Perhaps, your elect himself also recognizes that he was mistaken, but it is better to discuss his actions alone, than to humiliate before other people.

Refusal of aspiration to change it

If you really love the man, then will not try to change him. Certainly, to people in the relations there can be some metamorphoses, but they usually have natural character. And pressure or ultimatums will only force your partner to feel that he is insufficiently good for you. Of course, it is possible to work with its some qualities, but in general you learn to accept the man in original state.

Ability to recognize the mistakes

Sometimes, it is difficult to people to cross through the pride and to recognize own wrongfulness. But similar honesty is important for the harmonious relations. Yes, it is possible, you will destroy the ideal image in the opinion of the partner, and at the same time to try to look silly before it perfection when such people just do not exist in the nature. Therefore, remaining honest with the man, you show him the love and respect.

Tender words and gestures

It is not necessary to think that the man knows about the power of your feelings if you seldom support them with external manifestations of love. At least sometimes you pay to the elect compliments, you share happy emotions which you experience at his presence. Often simple touches and careful gestures are capable to tell more than any words. Therefore do not hesitate to embrace and kiss the beloved once again, to gently touch his hair or a hand. Of course, it is not necessary to be too persuasive, but also you should not underestimate the importance of tactile feelings in a love game too.

Ability to support

Sometimes the woman has to become the main fan and the mastermind of the man. If he endures any failure, it is not necessary to stand aside. On the one hand, respect his desire to find a solution without assistance. And with another, showing the love and care, tell something encouraging, support, force your elect to feel stronger and more surely.

Recognition of importance of sex

Do not push the sexual party of your relations into the background. Certainly, in couples which together long time, intimate life can turn into a routine and a boring duty. But sometimes it should add new sharpness, having arranged for you two some new and unusual adventure. Sex for men is important manifestation of love therefore learn to derive sheer pleasure from your proximity and be not afraid to ask the partner to help you on this way.

Otherwise, the woman turns for it into mother who is more busy with consumer services of the second half, than the sensual party of the relations. And your elect has to see in you, first of all, an object of love and desire.

Maintenance of degree of the relations

If you want to love the man and to feel his reciprocity, do not allow your relations to turn into the standing swamp. Dress up for it, arrange lovely surprises, you bring a variety your sexual life. Do not stop in the development, surely connecting to this process and the elect. Then to you it will be interesting and good together within long years.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team