As it is correct to make the man a remark

As it is correct to make the man a remark

Quite often women want to change the man to the best. Such desires go only from good motives. The woman begins to make to the man some remarks, however she can not understand that she deeply hurts feelings of the man, he perceives any remarks absolutely in a different way.

If the woman wants her man to replace the clothes, she should tell about it not directly, especially not mandative tone. Once you avoid such expressions: "You too badly put on", "In my opinion, for a long time it is time for you to begin to put on is modern", "Can will put on something better another because you look very bad".

The man perceives such phrases in bayonets, and here it is very difficult to achieve positive result. Perhaps, the man will listen to the woman, will replace clothes, but he will feel restrained, it will not bring it any satisfaction, and on the contrary, the relations between the man and the woman can become worse.

That to avoid it, it is necessary to approach a little on the other hand. Do to the man of a remark better when the man himself asks you about the help or council. It can be reached when the man feels that he is loved it what it is. Very often men do not ask councils. Therefore the woman wishing to make the man a remark should begin with compliments. For example, one may say, that it has an excellent figure which other shirt would approach.

One might say: "Give to darling after work we will come into shop and we will buy you something brand new", "Give to darling today you will try to put on not a red tie, and that which I bought you for your birthday". You say remarks only in kind and positive tone.

If the man not really beautifully behaves at a table, then and under no circumstances it is impossible to speak to him about it at all in the presence of other people even if it is your relatives, close friends or even your children.

Men are very vulnerable, despite the character and an internal core. If the woman gives constantly advice, then thus she humiliates the dignity of the man, calls into question his reputation. Begins to seem to it that she does not believe in him, does not consider that he can achieve something. So it is impossible to do, it shortly kills in the man all the most important that he has - his courage, its force, its will to win, aspiration to feats. Therefore the woman has to be very wise and if and to make remarks, then it is only correct.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team