As it is correct to marry

As it is correct to marry

It is very important to choose correctly to himself the wife, the companion of life has to be ideal for you. The most important to pay attention only to qualities which you consider important. Do not listen to the advice of the friends, to you to live with it and only you know that you want to see in dried.

Pay attention to the following:

Appearance. Your darling has to you be pleasant. Also it is not necessary to be guided by reference models of beauty. For each of us a standard – different. Choose as heart.

Age. It is considered the most optimum when your choice fell on the woman more young you for 2-3 years. Presence of experience of joint life at it will be great advantage that will allow to avoid in the future a set of the problems arising on the household soil. Marriage is extremely undesirable if your girl was not twenty years old yet. Such marriages, as a rule, are short-lived.

Environment of future spouse. On this question some men of due consideration do not turn. And in vain. Get acquainted with her family, pay special attention to how her mother behaves in any given situations. This almost specular reflection of how your bride will behave in similar situations. Small deviations can be, but the woman becomes more senior, the more she behavior reminds mother. Learn about darling as much as possible until a wedding. And this knowledge has to concern any subjects: its attitude towards people, things, household. The information collected by you will be more various, the less unpleasant surprises expect you in the future. The easiest way of obtaining information is to listen and hear the darling. Pay attention to how she tells about the acquaintances and girlfriends. If all assessment especially negative, it has to guard you. Probability of that is very high, as you in the status of the husband will be estimated likewise.

It is not recommended to conclude bonds of marriage with women who:

Do not understand the word "economy". If your darling is ready to talk for hours about new dresses, cars, etc., and as soon as possible seeks to buy to herself the tenth pair of shoes is a disturbing call. Most often to squander money apart from, children of rich parents who got used to live in luxury are inclined and were able to afford any purchase. Having left in independent life, they cannot initially learn to live within means. Most often in soul such person the inveterate egoist. Are painfully jealous. This line is to a degree inherent practically in all people. But if it is developed hypertrophied and leads to the regular conflicts from scratch, the probability that your union will be strong and long, is close to zero. Abuse alcohol tobacco or are inclined to the use of drugs. The woman – future mother of your children and what children can be born at the alcoholic or the addict? Lists can be continued long. But if to pay attention to each negative, then you will remain a bachelor. There are no ideal people. Therefore if the person is pleasant to you really, then it is possible to close eyes to shortcomings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team