As it is correct to marry and not to divorce

Each of us wants to find the true love, the real half. However halves are also so-called "karmic". These are those people with whom in antecedents we could not improve the relation, pass difficult situations, and we pass them in this life again.

And for this purpose it is not enough to meet the half – it is necessary both to hold it and to pass with it what is not passed in antecedents. But it is not so difficult if the nobility as to make it.

How it is correct to look for a half?

Pass one simple test:

Divide the sheet A4 into three columns. In the first column write qualities of the elect, in the second – qualities of the girl who is worthy such person, in the third – the qualities. If at least 50% of your qualities are similar to the list from the second column – you on a right way. If is not present – think what to do that to gain these qualities.

And if you do not know the qualities? So happens – each girl thinks that she "warm and fuzzy", but for some reason after the weddings from one thousand couples six hundred get divorced – more than a half.

Therefore it is so important to recognize himself, the characteristic features that then it is quiet to accept them in the elect. Couples develop under the law "similar to similar", that is the husband and the wife, as a rule, are similar traits of character. Therefore understanding of – the first step constructing good relations with a half.

Specialists in the family relations advise to ask the help for friends and relatives: let they will write five of your positive and negative qualities. At the same time make such lists also you. And then compare the records to what will be written to you by other people. Also do not take offense – believe, to them the onlooker sees most of the game what qualities at you are shown most strongly. Besides – thank them for work, for unindifference and desire to help.

And if your elect begins to speak to you about these qualities – do not take offense at him. You know that it is the truth.

Problems in marriage are inevitable

But you can make them softer if you understand each other problems. Before playing a wedding, talk to the elect – ask him what orders in his family. Who main, who makes decisions, who disposes of money and so on. Of course, the romantic period in the relations – it is fine. But it will not be eternal because after the wedding you will need to organize the life: every day to make breakfasts, to make a bed, to wash the dishes and to vacuum.  

Learn from the future half – as all this is organized in his family. Also compare to way of family of your parents. If these things differ, means it will be necessary to agree and create the rules, rules of your family.

Also you remember that in the relations both have to receive benefit – then the union will be harmonious. Therefore do not demand only to yourself, do not pull a blanket on yourself. Respect desires and the interests of your partner.

And if there was a conflict, apply a formula "X, Y, Z": when you did X, in Y situation I felt Z. And all – any charges, complaints and offenses. And the more so, any obzyvatelstvo and negative comparisons. You do not say to the husband that he is a sloven if he threw socks in front of the TV – use a formula.

In marriage it is not always easy

Even if you not karmic, but fiery halves – tests all the same will be. It can be shown in the form of different views on some important things, in the different vital principles, in different religion or belief.

Therefore prior to a wedding try to spend much time not on romantic appointments, and in joint affairs. In campaigns on the nature, in the help to elderly relatives and so on. In these situations you know each other much better than if you go only to cafe and at cinema.

In one American movie the daughter asked mother – whether to her it is worth oversleeping after a graduation party with the schoolmate. Mother answered very wisely: "You can make it if you want your children to resemble it".

This council can be taken for itself: to select a half according to this sign. Sexual energy very strong, and you should not distribute it to anyone. After sexual contact in energy the communication with this person remains forever. The sexual compatibility is important, however warm communication and mutual understanding are much more important. If it is - the sexual sphere will adapt.

And finally most important: each girl has to know: how many love she gives to the half, it is so much and receives from it in reply. All Universe is so arranged that female energy absorbs love from space and gives to the man. Then he will return it this love. And if the woman does not love the half, then in reply to love will not receive too.

We draw a conclusion:

  • recognize yourself before building the serious relations;
  • do not wait from the family relations of continuous romanticism;
  • learn to give love to the loved one;
  • pronounce all difficult situations, tell about the feelings. 

Look for a half, you marry and build family consciously, then you will live with the elect all life long and happily. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team