As it is correct to meet the husband

As it is correct to meet the husband

The majority of quarrels between the husband and the wife, as a rule, take place towards evening when both spouses tired after the working day, dream of rest, care and attention. But the keeper of the center - the woman, and her wisdom and endurance have to help her to meet the husband from work so that not to provoke the family conflict.

They say that the main thing for the man, it to have the strong back. It means that with what difficulties and problems the man during the working day did not face, going home, he has to be sure that the door for him will be opened by the loving and careful wife. He will be understood, listened and will allow to have a rest and gain strength before the next difficult day. What would not happen to it and where it worked, it will be always. Only then it will want to go after work only home, there, where it is loved and waited.

The tired and hungry person first of all wants to relax and have supper. Having entered the house and having seen the laid table and the smiling wife any man will not be capable of a frown or a sharp word, kind of he was tired. It is natural that it cannot prepare its favourite delicacies daily for the working woman and the housewife occupied by children cannot spend the most part of time at a plate. It is better to leave a delicacy of cookery for festive and the days off, and usual food has to be just fresh and tasty. It will be easy to spend couple of excess minutes for beautiful table layout, it will lighten the mood to both.

Never abuse the husband for delay for dinner - most likely it had on it reasons.

The washed-off old dressing gown even if both very cozy and favourite, it is time to send to a dump or to let on common rags. Access to heart of the man lies not only through a stomach, and untidy looking companion of life will hardly cause desire to gently embrace her at a meeting. It is better to use a dressing plush robe for late evening or early morning minutes, and for daily the nice trouser suit from soft fabric or a beautiful tunic is better to have socks. Two minutes spent for correcting cosmetics before arrival of the husband from work will add confidence in the charm and approval in his eyes.

All noisy household appliances - the vacuum cleaner, the mixer, the washing machine, it is better to manage to use before arrival of the spouse to allow it to have a rest quietly.

After a dinner the quiet conversation behind a cup of tea will bring a pacification. The full and well rested husband will much more quietly treat those unresolved problems about which perhaps he should hear. You should not begin a conversation with claims about not made small repair or outstanding promises. It is better to mention casually the leaking crane long ago and to complain as it irritates. The tactful reminder without reproaches will quicker achieve the objective and will preserve peace in family. How children loved the father, they from early age have to be accustomed to a thought that the father needs rest after came from work. The rule together with mother to put the house in order to arrival of the father, to remove to the place of a toy and to help to lay a table for family dinner has to belong to their family duties. When the spouse has a rest and will recover, he will want to play with children and to put them to bed, help the wife to wash dishes after a dinner and then both will have time and forces for the romantic evening full of tenderness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team