As it is correct to punish the child

As it is correct to punish the child

With emergence and growing of the child the parents face many problems. Among them and how it is necessary to react to violation by the child of the rules established in family. To react properly to bad behavior of the child and how to achieve that in the future the child behaved as it is necessary for his parents?

Most often in such situations the parents are guided by own experience, remembering the methods of education of the parents tested for them. But, unfortunately, universal methods of education do not exist. There is no uniform recipe allowing to modify behavior of any child.

It is unconditional that the wrong behavior of the child has to meet the adequate answer from parents. Otherwise the child will get used to feeling of impunity and permissiveness, and further problems with behavior of the child in society will only accrue, like a snowball.

Modern teachers and psychologists are completely solidary that physical punishment – the most useless and even harmful. Useless – because physical feelings are pretty fast forgotten, especially unpleasant. Harmful – as at frequent use they turn around against those aims which are pursued by the parent, punishing. Such child easily becomes reserved, the feeling of embitternment for the whole world appears.

The most severe punishment for the child is parental silence. Or it is possible to call it a peculiar boycott. The child will much easier transfer abuse, shouts and a slap in the soft place, than silence. Silence of the adult leaves the child alone with itself, he at this moment endures the sea of emotions, but there is no place to splash out them, he does not receive response. The parent in that case needs to remain absolutely quiet. But it is impossible to delay such punishment. Several minutes most often are enough for the child to realize all weight of the situation. After that the parent has to sit down with the child and talk, explain quietly why he was so punished what feelings mother or the father when the child behaves badly has and forces to punish him. It is important to emphasize that it is unpleasant to parents to punish and that the child in itself good and the most favourite for them, but here they cannot just disregard a concrete act. After such conversation the reconciliation of the parties surely has to follow. And the child needs to remember his last sins never. He was already punished and forgiven for them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team