As it is correct to talk to parents

As it is correct to talk to parents

The eternal conflict of parents and children is present at each family. How it is correct to communicate with parents?


1. Be able to listen to the point of view of parents. Of course, the last word always for you, but ability to listen and perceive opinion of parents, will induce them to listen with the same respect for you. Do not pour out negative emotions on parents, try to perceive information quietly.

2. They got life experience of parents not just like that how there was a wish to rebel and deny councils of seniors, stop and think. Parents always want for children only the best, in all ways try to save them from mistakes and pain, only therefore they often bother with councils. Instead of filling own cones, you study on others mistakes, you still will manage to tell parents thanks. You ask them to tell sometimes about interesting cases from the past better, listen and listen.

3. When there is a misunderstanding, it is important to explain to parents, it is heavy to you to convey some information to them as you are children of other time and it is normal that parents sometimes do not understand children. They were born and brought up in absolutely other time, traditions and the general outlook cannot coincide with yours in any way.

4. It is not necessary to lie to parents. These are the closest people in the world whom you can ask for the help, support, or council at any time. The lie generates a lie, half-words collect, family members gradually move away from each other. Do not lose trust of parents, better to say to them any truth, it is those people who will not cease to love and support the child that he did not do, parents will try to find in every possible way a way out of any situation, to try to help.

5. You say to parents more often that you love them. For them it is the most important words in the world, they all give themselves if only their child was happy, they deserve warm desired words for all the works.

6. The fast rhythm of everyday life, daily household efforts tighten men with brains. Often people just forget about existence of the parents, absorbed by the affairs. Communicate with parents. Allocate special time to call, visit relatives, invite them on a visit, parents owing to the opportunities will help you with household affairs with pleasure, only let in them the life, it is so rapid, enjoy everyone carried out in the afternoon with parents.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team