As it is correct to use geyner

As it is correct to use geyner

Geyner is the nutritional supplement consisting of plain and complex carbohydrates and also proteins. Carbohydrates fill the athlete's organism with energy, and squirrels are responsible for gain of muscle bulk therefore the geyner is the quality product containing only natural elements.

It is required to you

  • - geyner;
  • - milk (water or juice).


1. If you have a thin constitution and it is very difficult to you to gain weight, the geyner will be ideal for you as in its structure there are more carbohydrates, than protein. This type of sports food helps to keep a glycogen in muscles. Muscles receive necessary amount of amino acids thanks to what they not only are quickly recovered, but also grow.

2. Buying by a geyner, you watch that in its structure there was no sugar. Some producers specially do not specify existence of sugar on packing of the product. Also pay attention to amount of protein which there have to be not less than 20-25 percent, differently weight you will begin to gain not at the expense of muscles, and at the expense of fat. Not to make the wrong choice, buy sports food only of the checked producers which long ago proved in the market.

3. Accept a geyner in daily equal portions. Do not exceed the dosage specified on packing not to gain excess weight. The number of intake of mix will depend on the mass of your body, sports preparation, intensity of trainings and the need for calories. Usually 100-150 grams of dry mix are at one time used. If you notice that you began to gain excess weight, reduce amount of medicine and use it only before trainings.

4. Stir a geyner with milk, juice or cold water. Do not stir it in boiled water that protein did not lose the useful properties. Select amount of liquid on your discretion. Divide a daily dose into two equal parts. Accept the first part between a breakfast and a lunch. It is better to drink the second after the training or in the second half of day if there is no training.

5. Accept a geyner in 30 minutes prior to the occupations, then protein will be better acquired by an organism. You receive an additional power source. Intake of mix in an hour after the training will provide you with protein, i.e. construction material for muscles. The carbohydrates which are contained in medicine will fill you with the necessary number of calories. Later an hour and a half after the power training the proteinaceous and carbohydrate window which needs to be filled that muscles grew is formed, but were not exhausted. Geyner will perfectly cope with this task.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team