As it is easy to endure a divorce

As it is easy to endure a divorce

Often it is hard to postpone a divorce – it is fair equally both for women, and for men. But it is necessary to try to endure unpleasant events and at the same time to remain the quiet, self-assured person.


1. At a divorce the people behave differently – for example, just try to endure this event or to completely take the time that it was not necessary to think forces of unpleasant. The majority try to plunge completely into cares of children, into work, to go deep into a hobby. It is wrong and it is even dangerous – just ceases to pay attention to all other spheres of life of people. And there are also many other types of activity which you should not neglect.

2. Sometimes the problem that when parting one of spouses took great pain to humiliate another, at any opportunity reminded of annoying misses, unpleasant situations which, in general, happen in life at anything. As a result at the person the view of itself as on a being completely defective, unlucky and to nobody necessary can be created. That the divorce did not leave deep sincere wounds, first of all it is necessary to be engaged in a self-assessment raising. You should not be obsessed with opinion of only one spouse, besides former.

3. Generally prevent to endure a divorce resentment and fault. It is possible to call a divorce the phenomenon rather widespread, but in the society of its thicket condemn, than accept quietly what there were reasons. Opinion of people around which often do not find it necessary to hide it can make experiences of the divorced person by even more painful. It is better not to pay attention to others words.

4. Sense of guilt and offense – a position of weakness, the victim. Healing should be begun with itself. Having realized constantly appearing feeling of offense or fault, you take a step finding control over the feelings. Learn to be responsible independently for own acts and decisions – it will help not only with honor to endure all unpleasant moments of your life situation, but also to remain the strong and cheerful person.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team