As it is easy to endure treason of the beloved wife

As it is easy to endure treason of the beloved wife

In spite of the fact that to hobbies on the party accuse men of aspiration more often, women are incorrect too. Husbands who faced treason of the wives quite often in a rush of anger make gross blunders. That to avoid it, it is necessary to try to endure treason, without having destroyed at the same time either the personality, or the happiness.


1. Try to restrain and not to make acts about which you will be sorry later. In particular, some men, having learned about incorrectness of the spouse, try to attack it or her lover, to sort out the relations with the help of fists, etc. Believe, it will come to an end in nothing good, besides not only for them, but also for you. The best option in such cases is to go to the gym and to vent the rage on pear or to remove stress, having worked on exercise machines.

2. You do not go to hard drinking and you do not keep everything in yourself. The man's time after betrayal of the wife begin to be engaged in self-destruction: it seems to them that to share the problems and the more so to show the true feelings is not as a real man. As a result of people restrains, suffers, begins to drink alone gradually. The result of such self-consolation can be sad. If you have nobody to talk or you do not want to tell about the problem to relatives, go to the psychologist or keep a diary.

3. Try to assess quietly and objectively a situation and to understand the reasons of its emergence. To blame for everything only itself or only the wife incorrectly. Do not rush to extremes. From this bitter lesson you have to take out something, but it is desirable that it was not underestimated self-assessment and not hatred to all women.

4. Do not become reserved and be not fenced off from the world if only you do not feel the sharp need for loneliness. Try to see at least once in a week friends. If you with anybody do not want to speak, visit theaters, you go to the cinema, on concerts and so forth. Try to occupy yourself though with something to distract from gloomy thoughts. It is possible to steep in work or to find a new hobby.

5. Gradually begin to meet girls. You should not think as if all of them are inclined to treason - it is a lie. You do not transfer the attitude towards the wife to other women and the more so do not compare everyone new familiar with the traitress. There is also other extreme into which you should not fall: hobby at once several girls, stormy private life, constant unfaithfulness which become something like revenge to all fair sex. Try to find the happiness better and to hold it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team