As it is easy to leave the guy

As it is easy to leave the guy

Very often the relations between the guy and the girl reach a deadlock. It occurs for various reasons: too difficult characters, opposite uvzglyada on life, the died-away feelings. As a rule, from this deadlock there is only one exit - parting.

Parting most often is very disease process both for the girl, and for the guy. To men in this situation it is simpler: they can or just be forgotten in the company of friends, or find to themselves new hobby as they are less sensitive, than ladies, and become attached to the soulmate less. To girls to break off the relations much more difficultly and to make up the mind to such serious step very difficult.

So, if you after all decided to suspend relations with the young man, try to make it correctly. Invite him to a meeting to some neutral place which will not remind him of time spent with you. But also do not forget that too crowded place will not be suitable for a similar conversation too. It is the best of all to give preference to small cozy cafe.

Begin a conversation from far away. It is not necessary to force down at once the guy from legs the decision. Try to tell in detail it everything that you feel what collected at you in soul. Explain what was not enough for you in your relations and try to inform the guy that parting - it is the only thing to do from current situation. Besides, to hurt the man it is as little as possible when parting with it, try to move away from it gradually. It is not necessary to do it unexpectedly. For example, today you walk together, kiss and embrace each other, then he takes you home, and you speak to him: ""Forgive, darling, we leave!"" So it is not necessary to do. Try more rare to see it, avoid phone conversations and correspondences. Perhaps, he will guess your intentions and the first will offer you a gap not to trample down the self-assessment and not to be thrown. Anyway, before making such serious step, think whether you are ready to release the person, or you after all will be able to overcome crisis in your relations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team