As it is important to live and know that someone loves you

As it is important to live and know that someone loves you

Almost all conflicts come from a lack of love and mutual respect. Someone is deprived of love since the childhood, and someone life in process of growing "squares". Why it is so important to know that you are loved and how to receive the portion of heat?


1. Perhaps, it is pleasant to each person when wait for him. Probably, therefore most of lonely people (is mainly more senior than middle age) as the mail carrier Pechkin of the well-known cartoon, try to get "some living creatures" if around there is no nobody left who could miss you really. This desire is justified, everyone wants to feel the importance for others even if for a favourite dog, but not empty stay on the earth.

2. The person living without love becomes embittered, aggressive, inevitably acquires cargo of complexes and offenses. The lack of love drives people to moral and even criminal offenses which consequences can strongly break their lives. To feel love, try to give it to others. It is, perhaps, the only inexhaustible resource which can be given without restrictions. Adopt one simple truth: "If you want you to be embraced, open embraces by the first".

3. When the person does not get love, he loses interest in perfection. This feeling carries not only sexual implication, but even in parental caress to children, warm wishes, ability to sympathy and keenness, sincere compliments, the moral and feasible help, etc. the Person who knows that it is loved more says, has unique base for advance and own development: tries to watch appearance, cultivates in itself positive traits of character, acquires new skills, opens in itself talents, etc.

4. Lyubov helps to feel harmony. The mutual love improves health, gives calm and delight at the same time, that is makes the person happy. But even the meek feeling, whatever difficult test it became, not so awfully. It gives the chance to be convinced of what you are capable to love, so, and for you there is a soulmate whom you did not meet yet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team