As it is necessary to apologize

As it is necessary to apologize

It is quite simple to offend the person, and here forgiveness is able to admit the guilt and to ask not all. Nobody is insured from a similar situation. Therefore it is very important to know how it is possible to make amends and to improve the relations.


1. Loudly confess, trying to make laugh the offended person. This way is appropriate when a quarrel frivolous, and both squabbled understand that the offense will pass quickly.

2. Bribe offended. Of course, the envelope with money does not need to be enclosed to it under a pillow, and here the pleasant gift of very few people will leave indifferent. Even, if your gift is rejected, do not worry, your efforts will be all the same appreciated.

3. Write the letter or a sms. In writing it is much easier to apologize. Besides, it is possible, offended will re-read your opus, and it will only push it to reconciliation.

4. Talk. Listen to the interlocutor and express. Try to resolve the conflict. If your points of view do not coincide, suggest to agree to everyone to differ. But only do not agree with it "for an excuse", it can lead to the new conflict.

5. Just approach and apologize, recognize the mistakes, listen to reproaches in the address (for certain fair), realize all depth of the mistake and try to correct it if it is wanted, of course, by the offended party.

6. With sad eyes and a deep breath tell offended that you regretted and show that this is truethis is truethis is true. Not all people are able to apologize, many endure this trouble in themselves.

7. You do not apologize at all, without putting anything in a word "Forgive". If all the same that take offense at you, better at all you tell you nothing, but also for nothing it is not necessary to repeat this word.

8. Pretend to be offended. In this case fight of characters will begin. Also more gentle person will concede. But better do not risk, it is possible to be angry at each other because of a trifling quarrel for years, and then with regret to remember it.

9. The best way to apologize is feeling sincere repentance. Then words will be by itself.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team