As it is necessary to behave with boys

As it is necessary to behave with boys

The children's and teenage age is very important for formation of the relations with an opposite sex. During this period of the girl learn to behave with boys, define the situation in collective and build the optimum scheme of behavior. The relations with peers in awkward age can lay the foundation for harmonious adulthood.

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1. Try to make so that boys respected you. This feeling has to become a basis of their attitude towards you. For this purpose, first of all, it is necessary to cultivate respect for itself. Be sure, do not react to silly jokes, do not allow young men to behave with you too frivolously or familiarly. However the arrogance in this case is not acceptable as it will only push away from you people around. Communicate with peers with advantage, but without snobbery.

2. You are not on friendly terms with those who absolutely are not pleasant to you. At children's and teenage age the first feelings and novels arise. Be not afraid to refuse to boys who do not cause in you sympathy. You learn to speak "no": it will bring you a lot of benefit in the future.

3. If you want to join the company of boys, it is not obligatory to divide all their "men's" hobbies at all. It is enough to be respectful to of what they are fond, to support them at sports competitions, to be interested in music and movies which are pleasant to them. Be an open and friendly person, however do not forget that you are a girl.

4. Try to make so that boys felt like real men near you. At such age it is quite simple, approval from people around is very relevant for teenagers, recognition of their merits by others. Be weak, you ask them about the help and protection if it is necessary. Admire their victories, support in difficult undertakings and do not humiliate, especially, when it comes to physical force at all.

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