As it is necessary to behave with the ex-boyfriend

As it is necessary to behave with the ex-boyfriend

Sometimes the destiny gives unexpected surprises. It happens so that some girls are forced to communicate with the ex-boyfriends, even later a long time after parting. For example, if they work in one organization, they have the general circle of friends or for other reasons.


1. If you want to return the ex-boyfriend, you need to prove to him that you began to fascinate better and anew him. It is much simpler to make it, than it seems. It is necessary to expose only itself in the necessary light and to remind of those pleasant minutes which you spent together.

2. Be engaged in own appearance and behavior. If you decided to attract anew the former young man, surprise him. Create a new image according to its tastes. For example, if it likes clever girls, be engaged in self-education. If to it are nice quiet house, you spend more time at home, learn to prepare. And as required tell about the progress. And it is even better – treat him with dishes of own preparation.

3. Remember what was not pleasant to it in your character. Try to correct this line in yourself. Or show it less. Do not remind him at all the reason for which you left. Your communication has to become quiet and easy. Do not clash at all, it will even more postpone it from you.

4. In any way restore peace between you. Use your feminine coquetry, all your charm. Do not forget to pay it compliments, the rare person will remain indifferent to those who lift his self-assessment. When the relations between you are restored, begin to remind of that time when to you it was good together accidentally. Ask it to repair, for example, the help something in the apartment. Your task is to remain with it alone. Or invite him to an appointment. But only in case are sure that he will not refuse.

5. If you do not plan to restore the relations, with the former young man be expressly cold and kind. If he hints that he wishes to meet you again, politely explain that it is uninteresting to you. Sometimes some men just pursue girls with whom want to be together. Of course, if it is unpleasant to you, you should not allow such behavior.

6. Try to avoid communication with it, do not remain with it alone. You have to emphasize with all the behavior that between you everything is over. But you should not be rude or rude, it is incorrect tactics of behavior too. Always remain quiet and balanced.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team