As it is necessary to behave with the guy

As it is necessary to behave with the guy

Often even the most sociable and clever girls behave in the company of guys silly and thoughtlessly. It occurs because they too strongly want to make a positive impression. And, of course, everything turns out with an accuracy on the contrary.


1. You drive from yourself thoughts that you want to make a positive impression. Communicate with the guy as the bosom friend or as with the sister. Try to treat him more simply, do not exaggerate its importance in the life.

2. Be natural, do not try to seem better, cleverer, more beautiful, than you are actually. Most of men likes ordinary women in communication. If you represent from yourself the princess, then communication with the young man will end soon.

3. Try to seem more naive and more helpless, than you are actually. You ask the man about small services, ask him council. As a result it will bring you only benefit. Guys like to seem cleverer and stronger. And it is very simple to achieve it if the helpless girl is near.

4. Be not afraid to refuse to the guy requests if their performance in something limits you. It is unlikely he will change the plans and to make concessions. Arrive the same way. Be free and independent. If you planned a meeting with girlfriends for evening, you should not postpone the plans if he asked you to go with it to the dacha or to walk him the doggie.

5. Do not forget though occasionally to indulge the man. It can be done, having told him a compliment, having prepared its favourite dish, having met his family. Choose what really is pleasant to your acquaintance. In the relations (friendly and love) it is necessary to learn not take, but also to give something in exchange. Only then they will be harmonious and pleasant for both partners.

6. Do not complain to it too often. Yes, you can have problems, but it is not necessary to speak about them constantly. You can ask it about the help, but here for hours complain of work, study and family is not necessary.

7. Do not order the guy. He not a doggie which will execute all your orders. Learn to see the personality in each man. He should not become your mirror display, otherwise it will be not the relations, but slavery.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team