As it is necessary to give to the girl flowers

As it is necessary to give to the girl flowers

Flowers are not only fine addition to a gift, but also a courtesy. Presenting to the girl flowers, you thereby show that it to you is not indifferent. It is important to learn to do it correctly and beautifully.


1. Learn what flowers are loved by the girl. Buy as a gift a bouquet from its favourite flowers or the most similar to those which she prefers. If you did not manage to find out flower addictions of the girl, present her burgundy roses - it is classics. Make sure that in shop did not forget to smooth out thorns approximately at 2/3 lengths of a stalk.

2. It is considered that young girls can give flowers of pastel light tones: white, cream, pink, lilac or blue. To ladies is more senior more the bouquet of more saturated color will approach: yellow, burgundy or lilac. It is not an axiom therefore you can choose flowers, proceeding from own opinion and an impression on the person to which you are going to present them.

3. The bouquet can be sent with the courier or to present personally. When sending flowers with the messenger do not forget to enclose the business card or a card with the touching message.

4. Try to make an impression not the size of a bouquet, but its beauty. Take care of original registration. If you are limited in means, then better in general refuse packing. Flowers in cheap cellophane look it is a pity and will spoil all effect.

5. In cold season do not buy flowers on the street, otherwise they long will not live and will quickly fall down in the warm room. Please the girl with a bouquet from the first tulips or simple gentle wild flowers in the spring. Be careful upon purchase of already ready bouquets and baskets. They are often formed of not absolutely fresh flowers therefore they long will not stay.

6. You give flowers not only on holidays and important dates. The rose bought in all sincerity and presented on usual weekday will please the girl much more, than a bouquet on duty in honor of March 8 or the Birthday. Handing flowers, add from yourself several warm and pleasant words. The main thing - do it sincerely and heartily.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team