As it is necessary to keep family

As it is necessary to keep family

The big percent of stains says that presently to keep family quite difficult. If your family is dear to you, take the following advice.

Do not carp at the husband

It is impossible "to saw" the husband constantly: ""That not so, it not so"". Or in general just like that, because you are not in good spirits. Men often do not maintain, leave family or find to themselves mistresses.

The man cannot limit freedom

The attempt to limit freedom will only spoil your relations. It is not necessary to forbid the husband of a meeting with friends or all the time to try to find out where he. Constant control very much irritates.

You should not complain of the husband

It is constant to complain of the husband is a bad habit. Why do you with him live if it is such awful? Those moments which do not suit you need to be discussed with it, but not with the mother, girlfriends and, especially, his mother. It is not necessary to quarrel and to loudly sort out the relations. Solve everything the world.

You spend much time together

Morally not to move away from each other, it is necessary to happen more together. Together you go shopping, play games, you watch movies. You have to have general subjects for a conversation, but without fanaticism. Everyone has to have a personal space.

It is more than caress and care

Embraces, kisses, gentle words - all this is pleasant to any man. Men love when they care for them. Prepare for it something tasty, ask whether it froze, just take an interest, as its affairs. Do not forget to kiss it in the morning, before leaving for work and, of course, when it tired comes home. Of such moments there are strong relations.


In your relations there were less feelings? Perhaps, it is worth arranging a dinner by candlelight or to write to the husband for work the gentle message? The romanticism will help to return former feelings to your relations. It will surely bring together you. 

Always you are in good shape

During joint life of the spouse get used to each other and cease to watch themselves. You remember how you dressed up - were painted when gathered for an appointment. And now you before the husband sport in a dressing gown and in hair curlers. It, of course, cannot well be reflected in your relations. To you it is not necessary to walk on the apartment in a business suit or an evening dress. But also the easy make-up and a lacy dressing gown instead of old terry will be not superfluous. It is necessary to watch the appearance not only in public, but also at home. It will very well affect your relations. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team