As it is necessary to kiss correctly

As it is necessary to kiss correctly

Often kisses can tell more, than any words. The simple contact with lips is capable to express various feelings - from maternal love to passion of lovers. Sometimes in such a way it is possible to console relatives or to feel sympathy. Through a kiss two hearts in love speak with each other about love.

Kisses as expression of love

To express arrangement to the person in such a way, not only desire, but also skill is necessary. It is shown since the childhood. The first kiss is given by parents, showing thereby love, approval and pride of the child. Behind the consoling touch by lips the child who received injury runs to mother, the gentle kiss is capable to kill pain considerably. Besides, the love of parents in the future will help the child to express the feelings sincerely.

Srubs from folk remedies - granular honey or sugar which will help to put your lips in order help to keep lips in excellent condition also, without damaging them.

But it does not mean that it is only necessary to receive such gift as a kiss. It is necessary also be able to give it. That it was pleasant to people close to you to receive such gift, it is worth remembering hygiene of an oral cavity and to watch lips, without allowing chapping and peeling. Thus, toothpaste, lip balms and chewing gum have to become your constant satellites.

"Etiquette" of kisses

It is also necessary to know in what cases to show feelings appropriate and in what - no. Certainly, the gallant kiss of a hand of the lady or a farewell kiss at the end of an appointment will be not superfluous, but it is worth paying attention to reaction of your partner. If the interlocutor deviates back, it is not necessary to impose the desires. The business kiss between colleagues or official should not be too long not to cause excess suspicions. The short contact of lips will be ideal.

How to kiss to the girl the guy

The question can arise in the head of any given person: Whether "I am able to kiss correctly?" To dispel the doubts, it is worth getting acquainted with some councils. At kisses the reciprocity and sincerity are fundamental.

If your views were crossed for a long time - it is the sign of the fact that you are ready to the first proximity of lips.

Not to frighten off the partner, confidentially touch his hands just before a kiss. It is not necessary to try to pretend that you are a master in this case: just relax and be yourself. Begin with simple, and after a while you will be able to resort to such sophisticated types as the French kiss, etc. It is optional to close eyes at a kiss. More likely, teach it in melodramas. However, if you want to feel all charm of this moment or are confused, eyes can and be covered. Your kisses can be various: easy, passionate, thoughtless and ardent. However, it is better to think of people around and not to kiss greedy in front of all. It can be unpleasant to someone. Reserve the abilities for more lonely place. And for the rest - there are no restrictions. Kiss and enjoy with each other!

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