As it is necessary to kiss the girl

As it is necessary to kiss the girl

The inexperienced young man can spoil an impression about himself at the pleasant girl an unsuccessful appointment, the wrong kiss or excessive shyness. Therefore the ability is correct to kiss – great advantage on the first appointment for any guy.

1. Do not force the girl to a kiss if she still is not ready to it. The attempt to quicker force events can push away her. She can think that you trifle of it too, and you are interested only sex for one night. It will offend her - your appointment will become the last. Observe her behavior better. The girl shakes a leg and plays occasionally a shoe and also periodically licks lips? Means, you on a right way, and it is ready to pass to more close relations. But if she crossed hands on a breast or put one leg on another, then it is better to hold off a kiss so far.

2. Choose a right moment. The first kiss has to be gentle and memorable. Girls are big lovers of romanticism, and they will remember an unusual first kiss for a long time. Besides, eccentricity will add to you points in her eyes. Suggest it to meet together a decline. Embrace her for a waist and gently kiss on a neck. It will pleasantly surprise her: the first kiss usually happens in lips, but a neck – much more "sympathetic" erogenous zone. The first kiss can also be used as pleasant completion of an appointment instead of a wish "Good night".

3. The correct kiss is a kiss in which leadership belongs to the man. Yes, the kiss has to be unostentatious, but you have to show the "leading" role in the relations. If the girl begins to kiss you too passionately, be a little discharged of her for a second. Let it will stretch to you, and then you present it fervent and long kiss. Such behavior will inflame it more.

4. Add to an intimacy kiss. Stroke her fingers, embrace for a waist or dip a hand into hair. The similar physical contact will create at it feeling of comfort which will be associated by her with you. However, if she drew aside a hand or was instinctively discharged, you should not force events.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team