As it is necessary to pay compliments

As it is necessary to pay compliments

It is correct to pay compliments is an art which needs to study. The sincere praise told in time raises a self-assessment of the person, improves his mood, stimulates to self-improvement. And the more you speak kind words, the more you receive them in reply.


1. Consider a compliment which you are going to say. It should be notedIt should be noted not only what is pleasant to you, but also personal qualities of the person. For example: "You have very beautiful hairstyle. You for certain very carefully look after hair", "You are very diligent therefore you perfectly performed work".

2. Formulate a compliment precisely and clearly. Phrase it seems: "You have very original appearance" can cause a negative impression and push to a thought of physical defects. And the praise will practically turn into insult.

3. Being going to give a compliment, address the person by name. Still ancient philosophers considered that name sounds the finest for the person. This circumstance can be used to strengthen a praise and it is even more pleasant to make it.

4. Smile, giving the person a compliment. Some people do not pay attention to daily expression of the person. Because of it you can tell kind words with gloomy shifted eyebrows and the drawn-in mouth, than will destroy all their pleasant effect.

5. It is not always convenient to tell a compliment to the unfamiliar person. In that case you can use its latent form. For example, ask beautifully dressed girl where it buys new things. So you will hint at its good taste. And the most pleasant compliment for the man – a request for the help.

6. Right after a compliment do not state any requests. It will make very negative impression, and you will be considered flatterers and the mercenary person.

7. Help the person to accept a praise - not everyone is able to do it. Very often in response to a compliment it is possible to hear the words humiliating and the one who made it, and the one who received it. For example, to a beautiful dress the girl can answer the stated delight that it is not new. Therefore at once ask where it was acquired who sewed it, and a conversation will pass into other plane. And the best answer to a compliment is the counter praise.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team