As it is necessary to struggle with jealousy at the girl

As it is necessary to struggle with jealousy at the girl

Girls because of the emotionality and distrustfulness are too jealous. It is difficult to guys to suffer hysterics concerning each view of other woman therefore some of them decide to struggle with female jealousy.

To cope with jealousy of your girl happens hardly, but after all it is possible. Understand what provokes such behavior its low self-assessment and internal complexes. In order that to get rid of them, you speak to the soulmate more often about what she beautiful as strongly you love it and that except it nobody is necessary to you any more. Inspire in it that it for you is the best and unique, nobody to you will be able to replace it therefore you are not going to spend the time for other women.

If you provoke female jealousy, for certain you just want something to achieve it. Apologize to the beloved and explain to her that actually other ladies are not interesting to you, and the behavior you just tried to achieve her attention, wanted to prove to yourself that you to it are not indifferent. In the relations it is necessary to be able to talk, discuss the problems together and also to listen and hear the partner. Only then between you there will be a trust which will exclude various suspicions of incorrectness.

Psychologists are sure that jealousy those girls who just do not know exhaust themselves most often, than to occupy itself. It is boring for them, they spend time of the house, their thoughts are absolutely free from any cares therefore they begin to wind themselves and to invent various tales concerning your treachery and treason. Help the soulmate to find the vital calling. Advise it to get a job, go to study, to attend some courses. Let her devote the free time to useful business which will not allow it to think of bad. Only the offer with the choice of a hobby needs to be done accurately too finally not to crush its self-assessment. For example, you do not speak to the beloved that she acquired the subscription in fitness club, otherwise in her head there will be thoughts that there is with it and her appearance something not so at once. And to get rid of jealousy after that it will definitely not turn out.

Try to use small cunning. Tell the darling a story about one friend who betrayed the girl and changed it, and you have to not just establish the fact, and state the point of view about it. Be indignant with behavior of the friend and tell that would never treat in this way the soulmate. She can answer nothing to you, but actually in her head the thought that you are not capable of treason will automatically be postponed.

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