As it is necessary to treat friends

As it is necessary to treat friends

Friendship is an opportunity to feel the necessary and important person for close people. At the real friendly relations there is a love, devotion, keenness, ease of understanding. If you can brag of such relations, be able to protect them and to strengthen.


1. The DoveryayteDruzhba is under construction on trust which is very valuable. If you consider the person as the friend, be not afraid though a little to slightly open soul if he made it the first. It means that he treats you especially warmly and considers you one of close people. Remaining the closed person, you will gradually lose all friends, and the loneliness will become your faithful companion.

2. Be able slushatv to friendship understanding and ability to sympathy are important. Really, the true friend wants to be encouraged in a difficult situation or to be glad together to his progress. Therefore be not obsessed only with the person and do not disturb friends only in order that during the whole evening to stir about themselves. In a conversation try to conduct dialogue, ask questions and do not turn to a remark of the friend a deaf ear.

3. Be oporoyumeyta to support not only by a word, but also business. True friends will highly appreciate your readiness to help and with a difficult situation will answer the same. To develop in itself this quality, it is useful to put itself to the place of the friend from time to time. For certain depending on a situation the support could be necessary for you too. In other words, treat friends as would like that treated you.

4. Do you share ulybkoyva sometime noticed that in the company with the positive person your mood too considerably improves? And here with gloomy people there is a wish to say goodbye and go quicker the own way, isn't it? Try to support a cheerful spark in eyes, you give smiles and good mood, and then you will definitely not remain lonely.

5. Support svyazv to daily vanity friendly relations can depart on the second, and even tenth plan. But routine cares and affairs will be always, and here friendship cannot exist in itself. If you do not keep in contact with friends, over time it will become so thin that will imperceptibly tear permanently.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team