As it is necessary to treat the girl

As it is necessary to treat the girl

Women and men – different in the mentality, logic and the relation to life. Proceeding from it, young people ask a question: what is wanted by girls as to treat them. This question both is simple, and is difficult at the same time, as well as everything, as for human relations. It is impossible to define mother of the future children at first sight. Before you make to someone a proposal of marriage, there will be both meetings, and partings. Others will be painful for you, some, on the contrary, will hurt girls. But it is life, and you from it will not get to anywhere.


1. It is necessary to be respectful to the girl. Never you hurry with declarations of love. It will not escape from you anywhere. Remember that the woman always hears what she wants to hear. When parting you with surprise can learn that you so much promised, but did not make. And if you really carelessly promise, foreknow – to descent will not be.

2. Never mention at it former hobbies and do not take in head to draw any analogies or to make comparative assessment. On such things at the fair sex memory just amazing. Be not surprised if at seventy-year age of the spouse remembers to you in the heat of the moment some Mashenka whom you kissedare at an entrance in the seventh class. It is quite possible that you will not be able to remember it, but the woman is not able to forget such things simply.

3. If the girl nevertheless somehow learned about your former acquaintances, she will ask you about them – either straight, or sideways. It is not necessary to speak of them badly even if when parting you beat the friend about the friend ware. The best option – speak of them positively, having made a reservation that did not see in that girl of "a God's spark" who was made out in it, not similar to anybody. It will not be lies as each person is unique and unique.

4. "Life is not so simple as it seems. It is much simpler" – Socrates told once. It, certainly, belongs also to a question of the relation with girls. Do not try to seem better, than you are actually. At you there are a lot of merits, try to shade them more favourably, believe, it is the most favorable option.

5. There is a belief that each person has the ideally suitable half on Earth. And everyone has a chance to meet this half. Respectively, it is theoretically possible to find this ideal in each girl. Follow advice of one of Jack London's heroes: "In principle, women are created to us on death. But once to you that one will meet, real. It is enough with two hands and do not release anywhere!"

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team