As it is necessary to treat the man

As it is necessary to treat the man

Women complain that it is difficult to communicate with men, and at times simply it is impossible to understand logic of their acts and behavior. Like, because of it you do not know how to treat them. Actually, the woman if desired can easily will learn to treat the man correctly. For this purpose it is necessary to understand only features of male behavior and thinking.


1. At once remember well: men and women different. It is not only about primary and secondary sexual characteristics, but also about fundamental differences in psychology. These distinctions are caused by structure and a ratio of hormones. For this reason it is senseless to wait from the man that he will think and arrive as the woman. Misunderstanding of this simple truth leads to misunderstanding and the conflicts.

2. If you wait from the man of the help, council or just for participation that he regretted you, consoled, told kind words, it is clear and accurately state it a key part of the problem. Do not hope that he on hardly changed intonation of your voice or slightly noticeable shiver of lips will guess your troubles. Will not guess! At all not because it such stale, cruel or, especially, silly. Just men are much less attentive to details and are much less emotional. Separate exceptions, of course, happen, but do not change the general rule.

3. You remember also that men and women have absolutely different scale of values. You are ready to burst out crying because the girlfriend came to a party in a magnificent dress which so would suit you, but is too expensive? Do not complain of it to the man: he sincerely will not understand how it is possible to endure because of such (from his point of view) trifles. That she made it specially to wound you, he in general will take your words for nonsense. Be cried in the women's company, there you will be understood for certain and regretted.

4. Do not forget that men like to consider behaving. Try to obtain the not tears or reproaches (like, really you cannot concede to the weak woman), and diplomacy. Skillfully, patiently, gradually you suggest it an idea that he wants to make such decision, to arrive quite so, but not differently. Do not raise on it the voice at all. Even delicate, silent men of it hate.

5. Take to the partner care and attention, but reasonably, without turning into the nurse. The man who without the aid of the woman cannot find anything being not able to serve yourself, looks simply miserable. In every possible way encourage its initiative, aspiration something to make on the house, to earn additionally somewhere. Also do not forget to praise for each such attempt. Though the stronger sex is less susceptible to flattery also compliments, than weak, but kind words and to it are pleasant.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team