As it is original to apologize

As it is original to apologize

After the quarrel with the soulmate it is not always simple to apologize. But it is possible to make it originally - so that at once forgave and did not remember the causes of a quarrel.


1. Talk to darling and recognize the wrongfulness. Tell that did not want to offend him and you are sorry about told (made). Do not prepare the speech in advance, in this case the main thing is to be sincere. Proper words will come to mind. Fix the repentance by a gift. In advance prepare what is loved by your half. Wine bottle, chocolate or something another. The person will understand that you sincerely wish to reconcile, and will forgive you.

2. To make amends and to improve the relations with darling, invite him to a romantic appointment. In volume the place where you had a good time earlier and to both of you was good. It can be movie theater, your favourite cafe, bowling and other places. There, in a situation, comfortable for both of you, apologize and ask forgiveness.

3. As playful option of apology - arrange houses a striptease. Tell darling that are ready to execute his any desire. Your spouse will hardly refuse beautiful erotic dance. Stormy romantic night has to become further continuation of reconciliation.

4. If your soulmate loves sweet, order cake apology. Let the confectioner will write cream a phrase "Forgive, I love." or still something that on your discretion will force to temper darling justice with mercy. If cake - not the most favourite delicacy, it is possible to order big pizza or sushi on the house.

5. If you offended the wife, buy or order delivery of a smart bouquet of its favourite flowers. Add it with a card with apologies or a small soft toy. However, and the man will not refuse such courtesy. If you quarreled with the husband and consider yourself guilty, present him flowers. Men infrequently receive such courtesies, it can become the real surprise.

6. As apologies it is possible to give the second half such gift which will remind of need of peaceful co-existence to both of you. For example, order the wall clock with your family photo. And attach a playful note to them, something like "30 minutes as we are at odds, this downtime can be restored kisses". Be non-standard, and your darling will forget about a quarrel.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team