As it is original to ask forgiveness

As it is original to ask forgiveness

You were guilty before the young man. He took offense, does not answer calls and does not want to meet you. You already despaired to reconcile, however ways to ask forgiveness and to force his heart to thaw after all exist.

It is required to you

  • - mobile phone,
  • - small gift.


1. Try to talk to it. Let it be not too original, however it is the most effective way to reconcile. Having listened to claims of the darling, you will be able to understand, than it is dissatisfied, and it, in turn, will suggest to you the necessary ideas of how it is better to apologize at it. Even if at the end of a conversation the guy told that everything is good, and he is not angry, several unusual romantic acts will not be superfluous and will help it to be convinced that you really regret.

2. Ask for the help the friends. Even if your young man does not answer calls, he nevertheless for certain reads the coming SMS. Ask friends to send in the appointed hour to him SMS with different texts to the same subject. Messages can be the following contents: "Forgive her!", "She is guilty, but is ready to wash away guilt!", "She needs to be understood and forgiven". If your guy has a heart and sense of humour, he will surely estimate such original act and will forgive you.

3. Write a request under its windows to forgive you. Most often recognitions under windows write guys for girls therefore it is possible that your young man will estimate such act, unusual to the girl, and his heart will thaw. Call on radio station to which he often listens, and ask forgiveness on the air. Order for it the romantic song. So you will show it that you do not hesitate to apologize even before a large number of radio listeners.

4. Present it a gift in honor of your reconciliation. Promise not to make similar mistakes from now on and not to bring it similar unpleasant emotions. Feelings and the relations need to be protected from similar situations, the you will experience less negative emotions, the your relations will be stronger. Be gentle with the darling, try not to hurt his feelings, and he will reciprocate to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team