As it is original to ask forgiveness for the girl

As it is original to ask forgiveness for the girl

In the relations between the man and the woman there can be quarrels and misunderstanding. If you really love the second half, do not neglect a situation, and better choose an original way to receive forgiveness.


1. Order on her name cake with the inscription "Forgive, Sveta!" or childly naive "I more so will not be". It is not obligatory to decorate it with difficult confectionery registration, it is enough to make an ornament of cream or pieces of fruit, and in the center to place a request for forgiveness. Perhaps, you will have more chances if you do not regret time and will bake cake or pie independently.

2. One more original way to ask forgiveness is to present to the beloved a smart bouquet. What girls told concerning similar gifts, it is always pleasant to them to receive such courtesy from the guy. The quarrel is more serious, the more volume there has to be an armful of flowers. Attach a note with the words of awareness of own fault and sincere apologies to a bouquet.

3. Send it the video in which try to show the feelings and love. Or ask friends or colleagues to come to the rescue of you. In advance write on sheets of paper on one phrase or the offer. And then ask, for example, your strict chief to be photographed, holding in hand the inscription "He Realized Everything and even Became Better to Work" or a crumb nephew with a phrase "He remembers all your kisses", etc. It is unlikely the girl will remain indifferent.

4. If she became angry so that she packed things and left you, send her the photo of your pet with a note. For example, you zapechatlit the curled-up cat with the message approximately of such contents: "Forgive him, silly, I will freeze without your caress" or the image of the washing hamster with a note on a cage "We prepare for your return".

5. Originally to ask forgiveness for the girl, make what from you it was impossible to wait earlier for. For example, wash up a plate, and it is even better – all house, wash and iron all bed linen. If it does not soften her heart in any way, do not give up. Remember, perhaps, once she spoke about some thing useless in your opinion which very much was pleasant to it. Find it and present to darling together with the apologies.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team