As it is original to ask hands

As it is original to ask hands

The moment when you suggest the girlfriend to connect your lives, has to be special. Make it memorable, using the original ideas and finds.

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1. Some girls love traditional offers which are constantly seen in movies, and dream to appear on the place of heroines. Invite beloved in restaurant, ask musicians to play the favourite song. After that get up before it on a knee, take by hand and pronounce touching words about your feelings. Ask it to marry you and when she agrees, put on a ring and kiss.

2. If you the actor, the musician, the person having access to a scene ask her hand publicly. Invite her to a concert, and at the end of a performance ask for the hall of attention. If there is an opportunity, direct to it light of searchlights that all knew to whom your words are intended. Make a declaration of love from a scene, tell about your feelings, then go down, approach it, get up on a knee and ask to be your wife. It is desirable that at this moment you had a microphone in hands.

3. Surprise the sentimental girl, having presented her a photo album of your relations. Collect the photos showing development of your feelings. If there are no photos, try to draw plots. To each illustration make the original signature which will specify an event. At the end of history attach the photo of a ringlet and a treasured question.

4. Get out with the girlfriend to the river bank or the seas and make the proposal there. Previously put in a bottle a leaf with declaration of love and a ringlet. Fix a vessel ashore in water and when you walk with the girl, pay attention to it. Allow the lady to open a bottle that she read the message and told about the decision.

5. Consider interests and hobbies of your girl. If she loves an extreme, use it and connect the offer with the corresponding occupation. For example, jump off together with a parachute, and on the way to the earth make a declaration of love and ask her hands. Present a ring on the earth accidentally not to drop it during flight.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team