As it is original to celebrate a pearl wedding

As it is original to celebrate a pearl wedding

30 years from the date of marriage - an important stage in matrimonial life which is called "A pearl wedding". Not without reason its symbol are pearls: within 30 years in a sea shell the pearl usually arises. It is necessary to celebrate this important date as it is necessary.


1. Celebrate pearl anniversary in the bosom of the family and close friends. Besides, pearls represent a fertility symbol therefore it is important that at a table there were children and grandsons.

2. Make a solemn dinner during which guests will congratulate heroes of the anniversary, and "pearl spouses" — to share experience of family life with younger descendants. Take care of that at a solemn table there were seafood dishes. Fish snack, squids, seaweed, caviar can become them. Fish pie becomes an integral part of a celebration also.

3. Put on as appropriate. The spouse this day should be in clothes of color of a sea wave while the husband has to be a pearls symbol. To get used to this image, it can put on a white or cream shirt and silver-gray trousers.

4. Follow ancient traditions to celebrate 30 years of a wedding as much as possible originally. Exchange pearls on the eve of the anniversary. Since morning the husband and the wife, having joined hands, have to go to any reservoir and throw into water pebbles from the coast. Thus you return to the sea its gifts and ask about happiness and family wellbeing.

5. Show to guests that you follow long traditions. For this purpose spouses have to throw into the glasses on one beautiful pearl. Further the husband and the wife exchange promises then drink brotherhood. Your fidelity and sincerity surely will not remain unaddressed.

6. Think up registration of the place and the program of a celebration and also interesting competitions and games for guests. It is possible to celebrate an action at restaurant of sea kitchen or to decorate the house in the corresponding style (to hang out sea or river shells, to scatter pebbles, to make the improvised seaweed of paper, etc.).

7. Try to make the festive wall newspaper in which reflect all milestones of your family life. Guests will be able to observe with interest how your fate was. With delight they will apprehend also the movie on the basis of family archives which can be supplemented with comments of beloved children and to decorate with great animation. Hold competitions and games, for example, search by the husband blindfold of the spouse, answers to tricky questions of guests, a competition of family dance, etc.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team