As it is original to invite to an appointment

As it is original to invite to an appointment

Banality and the ordinary in the romantic relations not the place. If you want to make an impression on the girl and to achieve from her consent to go with you on a date, do not use sample receptions. It will be better if you think up something unusual.


1. Write the invitation in verses. It is not necessary to copy already ready works and the more so a scribbler's delicacy which can be found without effort on various websites. Compose something special better: let in the poem there will be only 2-4 lines, but it will be yours. It is possible to send the invitation to e-mail, having attached a virtual card. Other option is to handwrite verses on a beautiful, original leaf and to transfer with someone from friends. For example, it is possible to make a peculiar roll or to take a refined envelope and gilded paper. It is possible even to write the song invitation and to execute it to the darling.

2. Order a magnificent bouquet in online store of flowers and ask to enclose in it a card with appointment invitation. In the appointed hour the courier will hand a bouquet with a note to your darling, besides it is possible to bring him as home, and to work. If you correctly choose flowers, the girl for certain will not be able to resist such gift and will agree to go with you to an appointment. By the way, this option is appropriate even in case you quarreled, and the beloved does not want to speak now and the more so to meet you. The bouquet for certain will become that courtesy which will help to forget offense.

3. Ask someone from the friends to bring to the girl a peculiar telegram. It is desirable to print it on the computer with a special font that the telegram invitation seemed quite official. Also your friend will have to ask the girl to undersign for obtaining the invitation to an appointment on the special form opposite to the point "keep the appointment it agrees".

4. Give to the darling the envelope made semi-antique and it is desirable sealed by sealing wax imitation. In an envelope there has to be a refined letter with appointment invitation in which it is told that the meeting place is marked on the map. Apply as well the map of the city, previously having stylized it semi-antique. Specify the meeting place and take care of that your darling understood at once, will pass an appointment where exactly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team