As it is original to make a declaration of love

As it is original to make a declaration of love

Everyone, even the most courageous and self-assured man, feels like the shy boy when he needs to make a declaration of love to the girl. Sometimes he is lost and does not know at all what to tell. Especially – how to make the confession original and unforgettable.

It is worth pronouncing the words of love only when it is really confident in the feelings. Otherwise, it will be just dishonest.

Having made the decision to make a declaration of love, it is necessary to pay attention to of what the girl what books she loves who is her idol at cinema, theater or on a platform is fond. Then it is necessary to find the quote about love from her favourite work or the statement on the same subject which was heard from an idol. The found quote can be used in the explanation, certainly, having mentioned the primary source.

It is possible to write the letter with recognition, and, real paper, but not electronic that the girl could store it and re-read. Here it is possible to remember history of the famous literary character Sirano de Bergerac who won the fine letters the heart of the beauty Roxana. However, literally you should not follow Sirano's example nevertheless, he was so shy that wrote the letters on behalf of other person.

Of course, the recognition written in verses will become the most romantic. However, if verses turn out not very well, better after all will be to express the feelings prose. You should not forget also about the ways checked by time. The recognition written by chalk on asphalt under windows of darling will be beautiful and original to look. However you should not write a hackneyed phrase: "I love you". These words better to say at a meeting. And it is necessary to write less standard phrase from which, nevertheless, it will become clear about what feeling it is. Here it is possible to remember the popular song: "Good morning, darling!" Making a declaration of love to the girl, it is necessary to suppress the nervousness. The man has to be strong and self-assured that the girl understood that he can become for her a support and protection in the future.

During declaration of love, it is necessary to call the girl as often as possible by name. Psychologists established long ago that for the person there is nothing more pleasantly, than a sound of his own name. Besides, if the man is really in love, then and for him will pleasantly say her name. No matter how this council was banal, but you should not forget to present to the girl flowers, at least, one rosette. Only it is worth to rememberit is worth to remember about symbolics of color. Red roses which young people so like to give will suit only quite mature lady. It is better for young girl to present white or pink flowers. If the man not Don Juan who with ease is making a declaration of love and who is not attaching great value to the words, then declaration of love becomes for it and his darling the concerning, high point. And therefore once you think, to make it really beautiful and original.

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