As it is original to make the proposal

As it is original to make the proposal

If you very much love the girl and decided to make her the proposal, it is fine. Buy a bouquet of its favourite flowers, a ringlet, get up courage and pronounce treasured words. If your feelings are mutual, she will be happy. But this important event in your life will be especially bright and memorable if you make a proposal of marriage in some more original way.


1. It will be very romantic if you come with the girl to club, and then in the middle of evening ask the microphone for the DJ and make to her the proposal of marriage. It is possible to make so (having provided it in advance) that at this moment on the girl from a ceiling petals of roses or a spangle fell down.

2. If you have a giving or a country house, then it is possible to consider the tremendous scenario of your offer easily. Decorate the room with flowers and multi-colored balloons, ask friends to serve before your arrival a table in the house, in the yard or in the arbor twined in flowers (it is good if you have that), to light candles or to include small lighting in a garden. Come when in the sky stars appear. It will be beautiful and romantic. At a well-chosen moment present to darling a ringlet. And let during this instant from the sky fireworks splashes posypitsya!

3. It is possible to think up an original way of the offer for the house. Order cake in the form of two hearts with the hand cast from chocolate which finger put on a ringlet. Make the inscription "Marry Me" or something similar. And it is possible to fill in in a mold heart red jelly under which layer to place a ring, and to hand this "heart" of darling, having risen on one knee.

4. Buy the balloon filled with helium. Tie a ringlet to a string, then beautifully pack it as a gift, and hand houses to the girl. When it unpacks it, the ball will take off, and your darling will see a ringlet.

5. If your darling collects something, present her the corresponding subject with a surprise. For example, a porcelain figurine in the form of kneeling with heart in a hand. Or a palekhsky casket with an individual pattern and your offer. Or even the kinder surprise made by the hands in whom the ring will lie. Options here set. Show imagination.

6. The girl who loves attention of people around can like your offer read in an air from songs dedication, or published in the favourite newspaper or the magazine. Try to be near when she listens or read your words.

7. The romance sung to the guitar (or even accompanied by the whole orchestra) under a window will please romantic nature.

8. And the girl reckless, loving risk and an extreme, you can read the offer in air, going down on a parachute, or under water (develop the poster prepared in advance with the offer).

9. If your darling does not think day without computer, create your general website on which place declaration of love, the offer, verses for the girl, your photos, etc.

10. Well, and if your darling prefers the clearness and simplicity, collect for dinner of relatives, without devoting anybody in the intentions, and then ask minute of attention and make to it a proposal of marriage.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team