As it is original to suggest to meet

As it is original to suggest to meet

You meet her from work or study, take home, invite in movie theaters and cafe, but your status still friendly. You very much want her officially to become your girl, but hesitate to tell it about it. Suggest it to meet, but at first be prepared for this step.

It is required to you

  • - flowers,
  • - cards in the form of hearts.


1. Learn from the girl what she waits from friendship with you for. It is not necessary to ask about it directly. Try guide in a talk with it it at this answer, learn what purposes at it on the near future. Perhaps, she already wants more serious relations, but waits for your offer. But even if will seem to you that she does not want any relations, do not stop on it. Perhaps, the beautiful offer will help to change her opinion, and she will want to meet you.

2. Be prepared for this event. Many couples begin to meet without official proposals, but if you do not want to miss the girl who is pleasant to you, it is better to make it officially, but not to wait until someone makes it instead of you. Think over words which you will tell her. Will look not really beautifully if you begin to falter and show the uncertainty.

3. Organize it a romantic appointment. It should not look as your usual walk. Ask friends about the help. You can just go with the girl to the park, go and talk as usual. Towards to you your friends who silently have to hand her paper hearts with in a word will come across. For example, on each heart one word from a phrase "A marine, be my girl". When it has all hearts in hands, present it a bouquet of flowers.

4. Make it an avowal of sentiments. If to attract friends there is no opportunity or you want to be alone at such moment, arrange a romantic dinner by candlelight. It is difficult to call it very original, but you can add unusual elements. For example, to pick up the suitable song for the solemn moment and to invite the girl to dance. Lyrics will tell everything for you, but also you are not silent. Present it a symbolical gift for two. It can be just the souvenir designating your feelings.

5. Be sure of themselves, do not hesitate to say about what you test in relation to the girl. Your confidence can also play a role. Do not think that you receive the negative answer. The main thing, do everything from heart, and then the girl will surely estimate your act and to agree to become even closer to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team